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Braun, Uwe
7/11/2023 3:16 PM

From "The News International": 

KARACHI: Pakistan is losing out on the opportunity to pass on the benefits of discounted crude oil from Russia due to the old processing technology of its current refineries, industry officials said.


Pakistan imported discounted Russian crude oil last month; however the benefits of the cheap oil could not be passed to the end consumers as the old technology at Pakistan Refinery Limited (PRL) processed more furnace oil than diesel and petrol.

“Other refineries would do the same if they import the crude oil from Russia as all refineries have old technology,” people in the sector revealed.

Pakistan needed to approve the refining policy to upgrade the refining sector if it wanted to benefit from URAL, they said. [...]


Pakistan needs refinery upgrade to benefit from Russian oil discount (thenews.com.pk)

Braun, Uwe
7/12/2023 8:43 AM

Hussain, Nasir Thank you Nasir

Will be interesting to watch the developments.

Hussain, Nasir
7/12/2023 5:44 AM

Yes, PRL is mainly Furnace Oil producing refinery along with other petroleum products. PRL does not contain any cracking unit to convert reduced crude into lighter products. 

The second destination of Russian crude is Pak Arab Oil Refinery (PARCO) which has a cracking unit to convert vacuum residue into more valuable products. 

But still, furnace oil is the constraint of all the existing refineries of Pakistan, including PARCO. 

Braun, Uwe
7/11/2023 7:41 PM

Hussain, Nasir 

Be interesting to understand, if this can be realized.

Such modifications would require investment and time. Are companies like PRL ready for that?