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Technical and profit-oriented project manager with solid track record executing complex refinery projects, driving revenues, and enabling cost reductions through operational improvements for process units, including bottom barrel technologies and residue upgrading in technical and leadership roles.

  • Operational improvements for refining process units
  • Comprehensive technical/management expertise in capital and technology investments
  • Strong results in the leadership of teams to project implementation
  • Profitable growth through costs, quality, and progress monitoring techniques  
  • Knowledge of how to deliver results handling with clients and stakeholders

Passionate about Polymer industry and business, with over 16 years in R&D and Process Engineering in polymers and aromatic industries.

Area of Expertise:

  • Engineering Thermoplastic technologies, innovation, and business.
  • Polymer Business consultancy.
  • Data Science, Machine learning, ANN.
  • Lean and Six Sigma.
  • Heat and Material Balance.
  • Polymer formation and compounding.
  • Process Engineering.
Advanced Data Science, Market analysis, Energy Management and Energy Optimization solutions, Six Sigma, Simulation, Numerical modeling.

 Seasoned industry professional with unprecedented experience (35 years) in leading technology operations and projects in refining, (petro) chemical and biofuels technology processes.

Well-versed in directing pre-project studies and process design studies as well as revamping procedures, instituting profit improvement initiatives, and introducing new approaches. Tech-savvy with business acumen and executive-level grasp; instrumental in establishing business-focused technology strategies and adopting latest technologies that bolster competitive edge and drive bottom-line impact. Trusted advisor and master problem solver with core expertise in addressing complex challenges, establishing performance metrics, and cultivating reliable relationships; masterful understanding of refinery configurations and interactions.

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Gautam Kalghatgi worked for 31 years at Shell Research in the U.K. followed by 8 years in Saudi Aramco before retiring in June 2018. He has been a Visiting Professor at Oxford University; Imperial College, London; KTH Stockholm; TU Eindhoven, Shanghai Jiao Tong university and Sheffield University. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, SAE, I.Mech.E., the Combustion Institute and an Honorary Fellow of the International Society for Energy Environment and Sustainability (ISEES).

An accomplished PhD Chemist, an oil&gas, energy, petrochemicals expert, a seasoned plastics and polymers professional, a materials & data scientist, a top-notch recycling & sustainability specialist, highly knowledgeable in industrial technologies and processes, I bring more than 30 years of global experience of business development and strategic planning with major industrial companies. I speak English, French and German.

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Innovative technology leader and global business development expert with 22+ years of experience and demonstrated achievements leading multiple manufacturing operations and projects with proven success in advanced thermoset composites and engineering plastics.


¦ Type 4/3 Composite Cylinders ¦ New Product and Process development ¦ M&A

¦ Strategic Roadmaps & Risk Analysis ¦ Quality control & Testing ¦ Composites processing

¦ Regulatory Compliance ¦ Market Research Analysis ¦ Project Management

¦ Lean & Six Sigma ¦ Finite Element Analysis ¦ commodity and Engineering Plastics

¦ Natural & Synthetic fibres


#polymer #chemicals #petrochemicals #composites #cngcylinders #hydrogencylinders #consulting #businessdevelopment #energy #projectmanagement #marketresearch

I am a Market Intelligence (MI) professional with over 25 years of experience in the downstream oil industry, specializing in hydrocarbon price forecasting. My career spans roles in Hungary, the UAE, and Oman. I have monitored and analyzed global markets to report on current and future trends, identified key influences, and assessed both the present and projected value of hydrocarbons for linear programming (LP) optimization runs, utilizing forecasted prices while also managing actual price data.

I am passionate about price forecasting and am open to new opportunities to apply my market intelligence expertise to contribute to organizational growth and success.

Price Forecasting, Market Analysis

Hands-on risk management executive in energy trading with 20+ years of experience in Europe and Asia. Expert in market- and credit risk modelling. Proven ability to recruit, motivate and train risk management professionals as well as engagement with the traders challenging strategies. Profound knowledge of Excel, programming languages and cloud-based technology concepts. Forward looking, strategic and decisive with the capability to transform targets into action plans, building risk management teams and capabilities.

#riskmanagement #energy #riskmodels #ETRM #CTRM #MiddleEast #startup #refinedproducts #power #naturalgas #energytrading #businessanalysis #businessprocesses #training

-.With over 19 years of engineering and technology development experience in the energy industry, I help clients to find innovative solutions and services for refining, petrochemicals, crude-tochemicals, energy transition, financials, techno economics, training, mentorship and education.

-.I hold an MSc from IFP School and a Global EMBA from HEC Paris, two prestigious institutions that have shaped my technical and business acumen.

-.As a trainer and consultant, I help my clients to enhance their skills and competencies, and to optimize their technologies for value creation and sustainability. I design and deliver customized professional trainings and consulting projects that bridge the gap between technical knowledge and economics.

-.I also share my insights and perspectives on the energy transition and sustainable energy topics at international conferences and masterclasses. 

-.My passion is to serve, help, and give back to the society and the planet by transferring my knowledge and expertise to others. 

-.My mission is to be a high-trust and high-performance team member and human being, who leads or follows as required, and always creates value.


Refining, Petrochemicals, Refining-Petrochemicals Integration, Energy Transition, Technology, Innovation, Finance, Tecno-Economics, Training, Education, Mentorship
  • World-leading expert on plastic materials science & formulation
  • Leading independent expert, author & speaker on the environmental impact of plastics
  • Formulating breakthrough plastic materials & solving complex problems for the Fortune 100
  • As seen on CBS 60 Minutes, Sky News, BBC, PBS/NPR, Ross Kaminsky Show 630 KHOW
  • Award-winning speaker - author of The Plastics Paradox and The Innovation Abyss books
  • VC and M&A Advisor, plastic materials class-action expert witness
Plastic materials, thermoplastics, functional fillers, environmental effects of plastic. Class-action expert witness, due-diligence and more.

An ambitious Chemical Engineer with more than 20+ years of experience in the petrochemical markets and industry. A visionary leader with a proven track record of implementing revolutionary company business development initiatives to boost revenue and market growth. Expert consultant in Petrochemicals aspects. Participated as a speaker in multiple conferences on Petrochemical and its markets and industry across the globe. A great leader that adapted technical support and Marketing research skills for the Petrochemicals industry employees. A dedicated Head for the Market research department and Pricing sector. A professional engineer that worked on project development continually.

I speak: English, French and Arabic

Analysis - Forecasting - Value creation - Public speaking - Networking - instructor.

20 years experience in the the Petrochemicals- and Energy Industry, in Europe and the Middle East.

Financial Management roles as CFO, Senior Planner.

Now developing a collaborative web-platform for industry-experts to create a holistic model of the global industry: portfolio Planning Plus.

Mirroring industries from global corporate structures to plant processing.



#FinancialModelling #Petrochemicals #MiddleEast #SystemDeveloper

I'm a metallurgical engineer active in corrosion and failure diagnosis. I have many years of experience investigating problems in industries such as:

  • piping
  • infrastructures
  • machines
  • transports
  • electronics
  • medical
  • watch
  • surface engineering

I am also active in material selection for performance and sustainability objectives.

#corrosion #failure #metal #metallurgy #material #selection #specification #manufacturing #heat #treatment #processing #machining #recycling #sustainability #english #french

With over 17 years of experience in the oil and gas and energy transition industry, I am a Sr. Principal Consultant, a leading provider of AI-driven industrial solutions. I am also a chartered engineer and a certified professional in process safety engineering, HAZOP, LOPA, SIL, and QRA from IChemE in UK.

My core competencies include developing and executing the company's business strategies, managing and leading the asset performance and asset integrity and risk management programs, providing strategic advice and roadmaps to the customers, and identifying and evaluating alternate process technologies using AI and ML. I have successfully delivered complex and innovative projects for worldwide energy players such as BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, Total, and Aramco, in various locations in USA, UK, UAE, KSA, Qatar, Egypt, Libya, and Iraq. My mission is to help the energy sector optimize their operations, reduce their emissions, and promote the hydrogen economy and CCUS.

Career developed in Industrial Production and Continuous Improvement, professional with Bachelor in Business Administration, MBA in Financial Management (IBMEC) and Industrial Automation Technician, with experience in commissioning and start-up of industrial plants, proposing solutions to increase the efficiency of processes through continuous improvement in the development of operating systems, focusing on optimizing resources, allocation of labor, making diagnostics and mapping processes for the elaboration of effective and efficient procedures.

An accomplished Process Engineer, and specialist in oil refining operations, revamping, commissioning, troubleshooting, process safety, energy saving, turnaround management, and petroleum refining technologies expert. Technical writer, and consultant with more than 15 years of experience in Oil Refining and Ammonia synthesis plants. Director, Author, blog writer, and consultant at


#chemicals # refining #energy #oil-refining #energy#consulting #consultant #technologies #industrial #strategy #sustainability # writer# revamping# energy saving # Commissioning# turnaround management

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