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Medium-Density Polyethylene MDPE added 5/27/2023
Yeosu Complex LG Chem Yeosu Complex Mass Balance initiated 5/27/2023
Daesan Complex LG Chem Daesan complex created 5/27/2023
Yeosu Complex LG Chem Yeosu Complex created 5/27/2023
Duqm Refinery Startup-Update 5/23/2023
cropenergies Adding cropenergies, a producer of bioethanol 5/22/2023
Casale CASALE added to the database of Technology Providers 5/21/2023
Monoethylene Glycol Ethylene Glycol Manufacturing Routes updated 5/21/2023
Sailboat MTO Sailboat MTO Plant added 5/21/2023
Sailboat Jiangsu Sailboat Petrochemical Co., Ltd. added 5/21/2023
Shenghong PetChem Shenghong Petrochemicals plant added 5/21/2023
Shenghong Petrochem Shenghong Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd added 5/21/2023
Wonfull Plant Wonfull Petrochemical Plant added 5/21/2023
Wonfull Shandong Huifeng (Wonfull) Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. added 5/21/2023
Generic Anaerobic Disgestion Generic Biogas Plant created 5/20/2023
MHTL Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Limited added 5/20/2023
Satorp Amiral Project Update 5/17/2023
Shiraz Plant Shiraz SPC Urea Production added 5/15/2023
Shiraz Plant Shiraz Petrochemicals Complex added 5/15/2023
SPC Shiraz Petrochemicals Company added 5/15/2023
NIPC National Iranian Petrochemical Company created 5/15/2023
Hugo Chávez Urea Production added to Pequiven Moron Site 5/15/2023
J.A. Anzoátegui Pequiven José Antonio Anzoátegui Petrochemical Site created 5/15/2023
Ana María Campos Pequiven Ana María Campos Petrochemical Site created 5/15/2023
Pequiven Petroquímica de Venezuela, S.A (Pequiven) added 5/15/2023
Hugo Chávez Pequiven Hugo Chávez Petrochemical Site created 5/15/2023
Bulo Bulo Plant YPBF Bulo Bulo Ammonia and Urea Plant created 5/14/2023
Pusri II-B PURSI Ammonia and Urea production captured 5/14/2023
PUSRI PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang added 5/14/2023
Gresik PT Petrokimia Gresik Urea Plant added 5/13/2023
PTPG PT Petrokimia Gresik created 5/13/2023
Gadepan III CFCL Urea Plant added 5/13/2023
CFCL Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Ltd. created 5/13/2023
MSPI MSPI Urea Plant added 5/13/2023
MSPI Masjed Soleyman Petrochemical Industries Co. added 5/13/2023
HURL Hindustan Urvarak & Rasayan Limited added 5/13/2023
Gorakhpur HURL Urea Plant created 5/13/2023
Indorama Fertilizer Mass Balance improved 5/7/2023
Biuret Biureth added 5/7/2023
Toyo ACES 21 Toyo Urea ACES21 Technology added 5/7/2023
Ammonium Carbamate Ammonium Carbamate added 5/7/2023
Urea Urea added 5/6/2023
Inovyn Tavaux Invovyn investing into Hydrogen Transport facilities 5/4/2023
Inovyn France French entity created 5/4/2023
Southbend New Acquisition 5/3/2023
VERBIO North America Verbio acquistion of South Bend Ethanol, Indiana 5/3/2023
Generic Dry Milling Process US EPA to allow summer sales of gasoline with higher blend of ethanol 5/2/2023
Generic Wet Milling Process Generic Wet Milling Alcoholic Fermentation Process added 5/2/2023
Generic Dry Milling Process Generic Dry Milling Alcoholic Fermentation added 5/2/2023
Hanwha-Total Daesan Technology update 5/1/2023
RWE Lingen Project Update 4/27/2023
Huelva Refinery New Biofuels plant 4/26/2023
Indorama PetChem Mass Balance initialized 4/25/2023
Indorama Fertilizer Mass Balance initialized 4/25/2023
Indorama Corporation Created Indorama Corporation 4/25/2023
Renewable Diesel Renewable Diesel and Biodiesel Supply Trends over 2011–2022 4/22/2023
RWE Lingen Initialized Mass Balance for Hydrogen Project 4/22/2023
RWE RWE Utility Company 4/21/2023
Sodegaura Refinery Receiving 1st shipment of low carbon of ammonia from Saudi 4/20/2023
SABIC Agri-Nutrients First accredited low-carbon ammonia shipment from Saudi Arabia to Ja 4/20/2023
Polioles Mexican Polyols Producer 4/17/2023
ALFA Group Created Alfa as Corporation 4/17/2023
Alfa Group Mexican Industrial Group 4/16/2023
Huelva Refinery Flowsheet of Huelva Refinery 4/16/2023
Bio-Oils Huelva Bio-Oils Huelva 4/15/2023
Alpek Polyester UK Set up Alpek Polyester UK 4/13/2023
Chiba Complex Mass Balance updated 4/12/2023
Lummus Novolen PP Lummus’ Novolen Technology Expands Portfolio for Enhancing Recycled Polymers 4/11/2023
CO-OP Refinery 2023 Turnaround Update 4/1/2023
S-Oil Shaheen Set up Shaheen Project 3/31/2023
Aramco Overseas NL New subsidiaries added 3/28/2023
Panjin Site Mass Balance initialized 3/28/2023
HAPCO Shareholding updated 3/28/2023
PLA China People's Liberation Army (PLA) created 3/28/2023
Zhoushan Agreement with Saudi Aramco 3/28/2023
Perenco Oil spill in Poole Harbour (UK) 3/28/2023
Maasvlakte LyondellBasell and Covestro project converts water-based waste to energy 3/23/2023
Proman International Methanol, Fertilizer company created 3/21/2023
VCR New Biofuels Refinery and Hydrogen 3/21/2023
Enerkem Canadian Biofuels company added 3/21/2023
Blue Hydrogen Blue Hydrogen Updated 3/19/2023
Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride CPVC has been added 3/18/2023
VPR Vitol reports on transformation project 3/17/2023
XRG Technologies XRG Technology company created 3/17/2023
Alterra Plastics Pyrolysis Neste acquires European rights to Alterra Energy’s thermochemical liquefaction technology 3/17/2023
Beaumont Refinery New 250,000 bpd ADU added 3/17/2023
INEOS Ineos Roadmap to CO2 Neutrality by 2050 3/14/2023
Antwerp Carbon Capture Project 3/14/2023
Ineos Oxide UK Ineos Oxide UK created 3/14/2023
Golden Triangle QatarEnergy and CPChem begin construction of $8.5-B petrochemical facility 3/13/2023
MURA Corporate Shareholding 3/10/2023
CAT-HTR PLASTICS Australian Technology Provider 3/10/2023
MURA MURA TECHNOLOGY created 3/9/2023
Brightlands Campus Setup Pilot Plant 3/9/2023
Coolbrool B.V. Coolbrook's pilot plant in cooperation with SABIC 3/9/2023
Town Gas Town Gas created 3/8/2023
Golden Triangle QatarEnergy and CPChem celebrate the ground breaking for the Golden Triangle Polymers Plant in Texas 3/8/2023
Quantafuel Quantafuel Recommends $102.5Mln Takeover Bid From KKR's Viridor 3/7/2023
PSO Added Government as Shareholder 3/6/2023
PRL Shareholding update 3/6/2023
PSO Pakistan State Oil company created 3/6/2023
PRL Logo updated 3/6/2023
Sasol Climate Change Report 3/6/2023
ZPC Mass Balance enhanced with several processes added 3/4/2023
Sinopec S-MTO Sinopec S-MTO (Methanol To Olefins Technology) added 3/4/2023
SEG Sinopec Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd. created 3/4/2023
C4+ Stream C4+ formed as bottoms in the MTO Process created 3/4/2023
Zhoushan Mass Balance further developed 3/4/2023
Ineos Grangemouth New Ethane Tank 3/4/2023
Ineos Gmth Ltd. Ineos Holding company 3/4/2023
Ineos Chem Gmth Ineos Petrochem Grangemouth 3/4/2023
NEOM Hydrogen Saudi NEOM Green Hydrogen Co. seals $8.5bn finance deals 3/3/2023
Rongsheng Petrochem. Rongsheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd. - 2021 Annual Report 3/2/2023
Miguel Hidalgo Tula Update on construction of Coking Plant 3/2/2023
Green Ammonia Process Generic Green Ammonia Process created 3/1/2023
Nanhai Complex Shell Technology 2/28/2023
Inovyn Norge (Ineos) Ines Inovyn company created 2/27/2023
Sasol Ventures Initial Setup of Sasol Venture Company 2/26/2023
Emerald Ventures Swiss Venture Capital firm created 2/26/2023
Rafineria Gdanska PKN Investment Budget for Raffineria Gdanska 2/26/2023
Scatec Innovation Norwegian investor company` 2/26/2023
MOPCO Egyptian Fertilizer company 2/26/2023
Scatec Norwegian Utility company 2/26/2023
St. Charles Refinery Lummus CDAlky Unit and Capacity added 2/25/2023
Iso-Pentane Isopentane added 2/25/2023
iso-Octane Isooctane added 2/25/2023
iso-Heptane Isoheptane added 2/25/2023
Lummus CDAlky Lummus CDAlky created 2/25/2023
Hydrofluoric Acid, 48% solution Hydrofluoric Acid added 2/25/2023
Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Concentrated Sulfuric Acid created 2/25/2023
Maoming RefChem Eni EST capacity added 2/24/2023
Sannazaro Refinery Eni EST added 2/24/2023
Ethylene Dichloride EDC (Ethylene Dichloride) added 2/23/2023
Polyvinyl Chloride PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) added 2/23/2023
Vinyl Chloride Vinyl Chloride Monomer added 2/23/2023
CLG ISOCRACKING CLG's Isocracking Fixed-Bed Hydrocracking Technology added 2/22/2023
Kwinana Refinery Former BP Refinery being converted 2/21/2023
Green Energy Oman Hydrogen/Ammonia Consortium in Oman 2/21/2023
InterCont Energy Low carbon projects company 2/21/2023
Wusta/Dhofar Mass Balance initialized for Hydrogen/Ammonia Project 2/21/2023
Enertech Holding Kuwaiti Utility company created 2/21/2023
Hydrogen Rise Hydrogen Investor company 2/21/2023
Nature Energy Danish natural gas company created 2/21/2023
Ineos Arom. Indon. test title 2/20/2023
Lotte Ineos Lotte Ineos Mass Balance finalized 2/20/2023
Generic Gasification Process Process redefined as Gasification 2/20/2023
INEOS Cativa INEO Cativa™ Acetic Aid Process created 2/17/2023
Ineos Arom. Indon. Shareholding 2/17/2023
Ineos PCG Acetyls Ineos Acetyls company created 2/17/2023
Generic Gasification Process Carbon Monoxide Process via Crude Oil Partial Oxidation created 2/17/2023
Vinyl Acetate Vinyl Acetate Created 2/17/2023
Acetic Acid Acetic Acid created 2/17/2023
Fulcrum UK Fulcrum BioEnergy’s United Kingdom Waste-To-Fuels Project Awarded £16.8 Million Grant 2/16/2023
Ineos Geel Entity/Site created and MB initialized 2/16/2023
Lotte Ineos Chemical Ineos Lotte JV created 2/15/2023
Salalah Methanol Mass Balance initialized 2/15/2023
Salalah Methanol Detailed operation description on Global Data 2/15/2023
Ammonia (Gas) Ammonia: The Missing Link in the Energy Transition? 2/15/2023
Hydrogen UK - Green Hydrogen Calculator 2/15/2023
GCA Texas City Initialized Mass Balance - Project 2023 2/14/2023
Mabanaft Energy solutions company 2/14/2023
Gulf Coast Ammonia GCA created 2/14/2023
Scotford Refinery Refinery, part of CCS Project 2/14/2023
Port Jerome Hydrogen project between Air Liquide and Total 2/14/2023
Ineos Project One Ineos secures financing for Project One 2/14/2023
Raffinerie Heide Heide Refinery and Westküste100 Project 2/14/2023
Storengy France French cavern operator 2/14/2023
Storengy Deutschland German salt caverns operator 2/14/2023
Storengy UK Storage caverns 2/14/2023
Technip France Technology Provider for Yuri Australia 2/13/2023
YURI Hydrogen Project Video 2/13/2023
YURI Hydrogen Major green Hydrogen investment 2/13/2023
Yuri Renewable Yuri Hydrogen Project 2/13/2023
Mitsui & Co. Mitsui conglomerate 2/13/2023
Yara Australia Setup major Ammonia plant 2/13/2023
ENGIE ENGIE Corporation 2/13/2023
Polimeri Police Project update 2/13/2023
Hydroprocessed Esters and Fatty Acids HEFA (HVO) updated 2/12/2023
Renewable Diesel Renewable Diesel updated 2/12/2023
Mcgyan Biodiesel Process Mcgyan Biodiesel Process created. 2/12/2023
Mcgyan Mcgyan Biodiesel, LLC created 2/12/2023
Ineos Project One Project One Ethane Cracker Low Carbon Emissions 2/12/2023
Ineos Project One Mass Balance updated with Data from ISIA Report 2/11/2023
Propylene, Refinery Grade Refinery Grade Propylene created 2/11/2023
Propylene, Polymer Grade Polymer Grade Propylene created 2/11/2023
Propylene, Chemical Grade Chemical Grade Propylene created 2/11/2023
Yara Freeport Initialized Mass Balance 2/10/2023
Yara International Yara Annual Report 2021 2/10/2023
Yara International Created Shareholding 2/10/2023
Norway Government Norway Investor 2/10/2023
Yara International 𝗬𝗮𝗿𝗮’𝘀 𝗘𝘂𝗿𝗼𝗽𝗲𝗮𝗻 𝗮𝗺𝗺𝗼𝗻𝗶𝗮 𝗼𝘂𝘁𝗽𝘂𝘁 𝗮𝘁 𝟲𝟱𝗽𝗰 𝗰𝗮𝗽𝗮𝗰𝗶𝘁𝘆 | 𝗔𝗿𝗴𝘂𝘀 2/10/2023
Sierra Biofuels Fuel Process 2/10/2023
Sierra Biofuels First Syncrude delivery 2/10/2023
Rafineria Gdanska Updated Name and Logo following restructuring 2/9/2023
Ineos Project One Technip Energies Equipment Picked For Ineos Ethane Cracker 2/9/2023
Ineos Project One Project ONE Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) 2/9/2023
Sorfert Mass Balance initialized 2/8/2023
Arlanxeo Brasil New Polybutadiene Production 2/8/2023
NEOM Hydrogen 2.2GW NGHC project Budget increased 70% from $5bn to $8.5bn 2/8/2023
SORFERT Created Sorfert Algeria 2/6/2023
FERTIL Setup Ruwais Site 2/6/2023
Kitakyushu JEPLAN Plant in Kitakyushu created 2/6/2023
PET Refine PET Refine (JEPLAN) Mass Balance generated. 2/6/2023
Fertiglobe Holding Clean Ammonia 2/6/2023
ADX Stock exchange Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange 2/6/2023
OCI N.V. Netherlands Nitrogen/methanol producer 2/6/2023
PET Refine PET Refine Recycling Plant belonging to JEPLAN created 2/6/2023
JEPLAN Rewind PET JEPLAN | AXENS PET Rewind Technology created. 2/5/2023
JEPLAN JEPLAN Inc., a PET Chemical Recycling Company, has been added. 2/5/2023
Bonny Light Bonny Light Crude Oil description updated 2/4/2023
Bonny Medium Bonny Medium Crude Oil added 2/4/2023
UOP FCC UOP FCC Technology description updated 2/4/2023
Grey Ammonia Grey Ammonia created 2/4/2023
Ethylene Oxide Ethylene Oxide description updated 2/4/2023
Ethanolamines Ethanolamines description updated. 2/4/2023
Monoethanolamine Monoethanolamine description updated. 2/4/2023
Triethanolamine Triethanolamine description updated 2/4/2023
NEOM Hydrogen NGHC Mass Balance complete created 2/2/2023
Green Ammonia Green Ammonia created 2/2/2023
Blue Ammonia Blue Ammonia created 2/2/2023
Black Ammonia | Brown Ammonia Brown/Black Ammonia created. 2/2/2023
NEOM Hydrogen Industry ministry issues first license at OXAGON to NEOM Green Hydrogen 2/2/2023
Dow Chloralkali Dow Chlor-Alkali Technology updated 2/2/2023
Air Products ASP Air Products ASU created 1/31/2023
thyssenKrupp nucera Shareholder Chart 1/31/2023
thyssenkrupp AWE thyssenkrupp nucera AWE Technology created. 1/31/2023
NEOM Hydrogen Project info from Air Products 1/30/2023
NGHC Project info from Air Products 1/30/2023
NEOM Hydrogen Project Description 1/30/2023
NGHC Hydrogen project 1/30/2023
NEOM NEOM Project 1/30/2023
ACWA POWER Created Saudi Investor and Utility company 1/30/2023
Lekki Dangote Group Reacts to Report Its Refinery Is Set To Begin Operation on January 2023 1/30/2023
Lekki Capacities of technologies at Dangote Oil Refinery 1/30/2023
Needle Coke Needle Coke created 1/29/2023
Linde Linde Subsidiary List 1/29/2023
Linde Engineering Linde's hydrogen paper 1/29/2023
Linde Created Linde Corporation 1/29/2023
QB JOHNSON Glycol Dehydration QB JOHNSON Glycol Dehydration created. 1/29/2023
SLB Glycol Dehydration SLB Glycol Dehydration created. 1/29/2023
Sulzer GT-BTX-PluS Sulzer GT-BTX-PluS updated. 1/28/2023
Sulzer GT-BTX Sulzer GT-BTX Technology updated 1/28/2023
Axens Prime-G+ Axens Prime-G+ for FCC Gasoline Treatment created. 1/28/2023
Yellow Hydrogen Yellow Hydrogen created 1/27/2023
White Hydrogen White Hydrogen created 1/27/2023
Turquoise Hydrogen Turquoise Hydrogen created 1/27/2023
Pink Hydrogen Pink/Purple Hydrogen created 1/27/2023
Grey Hydrogen Grey Hydrogen created 1/27/2023
Green Hydrogen Green Hydrogen created 1/27/2023
Brown Hydrogen | Black Hydrogen Brown/Black Hydrogen created 1/27/2023
Blue Hydrogen Blue Hydrogen created 1/27/2023
Mailiao Complex Formosa Mailiao Complex created 1/27/2023
FPCC Formosa Petrochemical Corp. created 1/27/2023
Strathcona Refinery Update on their renewable Diesel project 1/27/2023
Topsoe SynCOR Ammonia Topsoe SynCOR Ammonia process created. 1/27/2023
Braskem Duque Caxias Mass Balance created 1/26/2023
Rafineria Gdanska Changed name and logo 1/24/2023
Rafineria Gdanska Updated Shareholding 1/24/2023
Grupa Azoty Video Nitric Acid Production 1/24/2023
Kern Energy Kern Energy in California Chamber of Commerce Report 1/24/2023
Topsoe 2-Step Ammonia Topsoe's conventional Ammonia Process created. 1/24/2023
Thyssenkrupp Ammonia Thyssenkrupp Uhde Ammonia Process created. 1/24/2023
Linde LAC Linde LAC Technology created. 1/23/2023
KBR Purifier KBR Purifier™ Technology created. 1/23/2023
Rio Grande do Sul Created high level Mass Balance 1/22/2023
Madoqua Power 2X Interesting Green Hydrogen Project 1/21/2023
CIP Investor in Energy Infrastructure Assets 1/21/2023
Madoqua Renewables H2 projects investor company 1/21/2023
Baton Rouge Refinery Doubling PP-Capacity 1/20/2023
Ineos Project One Video update on the project 1/19/2023
Dangote Project Status and Summary 1/19/2023
Sierra Biofuels Site Update 1/18/2023
Sierra Biofuels Dec 2022 first production of synthetic crude 1/18/2023
BASF Geismar MDI Expansion 1/18/2023
Aramco (ATA) Aramco Trading Americas 1/18/2023
Aramco Trading Trading company created 1/18/2023
Exxon Yanbu Changed location 1/17/2023
Exxonmobil Singapore Exxon Holdings company created 1/17/2023
Esso Thailand Added shareholder 1/17/2023
Exxonmobil Thailand Created for Holding purposes 1/17/2023
Sriracha Refinery Crude Oil Import of Sriracha Refinery created 1/16/2023
Esso Thailand ExxonMobil sells interest in Esso Thailand 1/16/2023
Sriracha Refinery Esso Sriracha Refinery created. 1/16/2023
Esso Thailand Esso Thailand Ltd (ETL) entity created 1/16/2023
VERBIO North America 1 year of RNG Production 1/13/2023
RLPP Ras Laffan Petrochemicals Project mass balance defined. 1/13/2023
RLP Ras Laffan Petrochemicals JV created 1/13/2023
Bio Energy Coevorden Created Bio Energy Company 1/12/2023
Varo Energy BV VARO acquiring 80% of Bio Energy Coevorden BV (BEC) 1/12/2023
VARO Group VARO Group Corporation 1/12/2023
Generic Steam Cracking Generic Steam Cracking Technology created 1/11/2023
RLOC Plant Pyrolysis Gasoline production created. 1/10/2023
Generic Solide Oxide Electrolysis of Water Solide Oxide Electrolysis (SOE) of Water created 1/10/2023
Generic Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolysis Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolysis created 1/10/2023
Generic Alkaline Water Electrolysis Alkaline Water Electrolysis (AWE) created. 1/10/2023
Potassium Hydroxide Solution 30% 30% Potassium Hydroxyde Solution created 1/10/2023
Pure Potassium Hydroxide KOH (Potassium Hydroxide) created 1/10/2023
SK Capital US based investor company 1/9/2023
Inovyn Ltd Inovyn 2021 Accounts 1/6/2023
Acid Gas Acid Gas created 1/6/2023
Braskem Bahia Braskem Bahia Feedstock Balance 1/4/2023
Nayara Energy Nayara Energy to commence polypropylene production in Oct-Dec 2023 quarter. 1/3/2023
SoBiCo Portrait of SoBiCo 1/3/2023
Polymer Group Polymer Group 1/3/2023
Braskem 2017 Annual Presentation (English) 1/3/2023
Qapco Facility QAPCO High Level Mass Balance created 1/2/2023
Lyondellbasell Lupotech T lyondellbasell Lupotech T created 1/2/2023
QChem Facility QChem I high level Production modeled 1/2/2023
RLOC Plant Cracker ethylene output created 1/2/2023
Qatofin Plant High level Qatofin Mass Balance created 1/2/2023
Qatofin Qatofin Company in Qatar created 1/2/2023
RLOC RLOC Company in Qatar created. 1/2/2023
Linear Alpha Olefins Linear Alpha Olefins (LAOs) created. 1/1/2023
CPChem Full-Range NAO CPChem Full Range NAO Process created 1/1/2023
QChem II QChem II Company in Qatar created 1/1/2023
QChem QChem Company in Qatar created 1/1/2023
Saudi Pol. Jubail Modelling of Saudi Polymers improved 1/1/2023
CPChem MarTech PP CPChem MarTECH PP Technology created 1/1/2023
CPChem 1-Hexene CPChem On-Purpose 1-Hexene Technology created. 1/1/2023
Generic Hydrocracking Generic Hydrocracking Technology Created 12/30/2022
Polimeri Police Logistics Center - Talke 12/29/2022
Talke Logistics Logistics center fro Grupa Azoty 12/29/2022
Golden Triangle Golden Triangle Polymer Mass Balance Completed 12/28/2022
CPChem MarTech PE Single Loop CPChem MarTech SL Process added 12/28/2022
OMV AG Adnoc acquires shares from Mubadala 12/21/2022
Mubadala Legal Entity 12/21/2022
Fulcrum Bioenergy BioEnergy company created 12/21/2022
Shell Moerdijk Construction of our pyrolysis oil upgrader 12/20/2022
Satorp Amiral Amiral project 12/20/2022
Satorp New Agreement SA and Total 12/19/2022
Satorp Satorp Prospectus 12/16/2022
Pörner Biturox AABU Pörner Biturox Asphalt Blowing Technology created and mapped 12/15/2022
Oxidized Bitumen Blown Asphalt created 12/10/2022
Maltene Maltene created 12/10/2022
Topsoe Coker Naphtha HT Topsoe Coker Naphtha Hydrotreating created. 12/9/2022
UOP SelectFining Honeywell UOP Selectfining technology created 12/9/2022
UOP VGO Unionfining Honeywell UOP VGO Unionfining technology created 12/9/2022
UOP MDQ Unionfining Honeywell UOP MDQ Unionfining created 12/9/2022
Masdar Clean Energy New shareholder structure 12/8/2022
Marathon EPA recognition for energy efficiency 12/6/2022
Braskem Kenova Technology Data 12/5/2022
Braskem Schkopau Mass Balance initialized 12/5/2022
PetroRabigh Technology Update 12/4/2022
ISAB S.r.l. Lukoil says ISAB refinery will continue operations 12/4/2022
Hengyi Corporation Corporation created 12/1/2022
Hengyi Petrochemical Annual Report 11/30/2022
Hengyi Petrochemical Large Petrochem Group China 11/30/2022
Hengyi Industries Project Details 11/30/2022
Hengyi Industries Chinese project in Brunei 11/30/2022
Jilin Xingyun Chem Chemical manufacturer 11/30/2022
Stanlow Carbon capture project in Liverpool Refinery 11/30/2022
Cedar Bayou Debottlenecking 11/28/2022
Cedar Bayou Created Cracker Site 11/28/2022
Dangote Interesting Technology Video 11/28/2022
UserPic da Silva, MBA, Author, Dr. Marcio Wagner The Propylene Production Gap as Competitive Advantage for Integrated Downstream Players 11/26/2022
Simplot J.R. Simplot company created 11/26/2022
Linde FLEXASU Linde ASU updated 11/26/2022
Sulzer ADU Sulzer ADU created 11/25/2022
Axens Solvahl Axens Solvahl created 11/25/2022
UOP SDA UOP SDA created 11/25/2022
KBR ROSE ROSE SDA Process by KBR added 11/24/2022
Diethanolamine Diethanolamine updated with image 11/24/2022
CLG LC-Slurry CLG LC Slurry created 11/23/2022
Oiltanking GmbH Logistics company 11/22/2022
Marqurd & Bahls Logistics holding company 11/22/2022
Advario Logistics operator 11/22/2022
ENI EST ENI EST Hydrocracking created 11/22/2022
Oil Pipeline Oil Pipeline created as Technology 11/22/2022
Polimeri Police Progress Video 11/22/2022
Indorama Ventures Corporation setup 11/22/2022
Braskem Wesseling Initiated Mass Balance 11/22/2022
Espindesa Nitric Acid Espindeza Weak HNO3 Nitric Acid Dual Process updated 11/21/2022
Shell Hycon MB Shell Hycon MB Technology created 11/20/2022
CLG RDS/VRDS CLG RDS/VRDS Technology with OCR/UFR Reactor created 11/20/2022
UOP Unicracking UOP Unicracking created 11/19/2022
Axens Hyvalh Axens Hyvahl has been created 11/19/2022
CLG LC-FINING CLG HC-FINING has been created 11/19/2022
UserPic da Silva, MBA, Author, Dr. Marcio Wagner Hydrocracking Technologies as Competitive Imbalance Factor in the Downstream Industry 11/19/2022
Axens H-Oil Axens H-Oil Technology has been created 11/18/2022
S-Oil Chemicals expansion 11/18/2022
Jazan Latest 11/18/2022
Golden Triangle Joint Venture company 11/18/2022
Golden Triangle Project site 11/18/2022
Beringen CPChem Chevron Phillips Chemical breaks ground on polyalphaolefin expansion in Beringen, Belgium 11/14/2022
INEOS Ineos Quattro 11/14/2022
Ineos Merak Setup plant and emmissions update 11/14/2022
Al Zour Refinery Wolrd's largest grassroot refinery starts commercial operations 11/13/2022
ISAB S.r.l. Lukoil interested to sell Refinery 11/13/2022
LUKOIL Lukoil and sanctions on Russia 11/13/2022
Tricon Energy Company presentation on Youtube 11/13/2022
Lyondellbasell Spheripol Lyondellbasell Spheripol created 11/13/2022