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UserPic Topolobampo New Ammonia Project 9/18/2023
UserPic Total Decarbonizing Refining: TotalEnergies Launches a Call for Tenders 9/18/2023
UserPic Kerbala Refinery Kerbala Refinery 9/18/2023
UserPic Poly-3-hydrobutyrate Biosourced and biodegradable Poly-3-hydroxybutyrate added 9/17/2023
UserPic Pure Starch Starch added 9/17/2023
UserPic Poly-D,L-Lactic Acid Biobased & Biodegradable PLA added 9/17/2023
UserPic Lactic Acid Lactic Acid (Racemic, D- and L-Enantiomers) added 9/16/2023
UserPic Polybutylene Adipate Terephthalate Biodegradable PBAT added 9/16/2023
UserPic Adipic Acid Adipic Acid added 9/16/2023
UserPic 1,4-Butanediol Butane-1,4-diol added 9/16/2023
UserPic Nature Energy Bio-Feedstock for Shell Refinery 9/14/2023
UserPic EUROTECNICA Italian Technology Company created 9/12/2023
UserPic Xin Lian Xin XinLian Entity created 9/12/2023
UserPic EPS EPS Shareholding 9/11/2023
UserPic LFA Förderbank Bavarian Investment Bank modelled 9/11/2023
UserPic Covestro Covestro in discussions with Adnoc 9/11/2023
UserPic Ebara Ube Process RESONAC Plastic Gasification Plant added 9/9/2023
UserPic Ebara Ube Process EUP Plastic Gasification Process created 9/9/2023
UserPic da Silva, MBA, Author, Dr. Marcio Wagner Diolefins Content in the FCC Naphtha and their Impact over the Lifecycle of Hydrotreating Reactors 9/9/2023
UserPic UBE UBE Corporation added 9/9/2023
UserPic EEP EBARA Environmental Plant added 9/9/2023
UserPic Resonac Corp. Resonac Corp., formerly Showa Denko, added 9/9/2023
UserPic Basell Wesseling Ethylene Capacities of LyondellBasell in Wesseling 9/8/2023
UserPic Plastics Gasification Waste Plastic Gasification added 9/8/2023
UserPic Basell Wesseling LYB Wesseling Image brochure 9/7/2023
UserPic da Silva, MBA, Author, Dr. Marcio Wagner Leveraging the Refining Margins – Closer Integration between Refining and Petrochemical Assets 9/6/2023
UserPic EPS Ethylene Pipeline Operator 9/6/2023
UserPic Basell Germany Hold. Basell Holding Company created 9/6/2023
UserPic Basell Münchsmünster Mass Balance initialized 9/6/2023
UserPic Basell Brindisi LyondellBasell to close one of two production units in Brindisi 9/6/2023
UserPic Basell Poliolefine LyondellBasell Italy 9/6/2023
UserPic SABIC PIF acquiring from SABIC their steel investment 9/4/2023
UserPic Plastics Pyrolysis Plastic Waste Pyrolysis Process Description largely enhanced 9/3/2023
UserPic Lousiana Int. PE LYB and Sasol JV created 9/3/2023
UserPic Ethylene Ethylene Capacities in Europe 9/3/2023
UserPic Braskem Cubatao Initialized Mass Balance 9/1/2023
UserPic Baytown Complex Cooperation between Exxon and Honeywell UOP 9/1/2023
UserPic Liquified Natural Gas The EU is set to import record volumes of LNG from Russia this year 8/31/2023
UserPic Nutrien 'World's largest' blue hydrogen-based ammonia project shelved 8/27/2023
UserPic Nutrien Nutrien created 8/27/2023
UserPic Mahler AGS Mahler Advanced Gas Systems created 8/27/2023
UserPic Kokel, Nicolas Pick your production facility to be modelled 8/26/2023
UserPic BioRefinery Leuna Status Update 8/25/2023
UserPic Duqm Refinery Progress Report - Startup phase completed 8/25/2023
UserPic Shell Singapore SEPC Shell taps Goldman Sachs to explore Singapore refinery sale 8/24/2023
UserPic Braun, Uwe Hydrogen Module 8/24/2023
UserPic Crude Oil World oil demand is scaling record highs says IEA, exactly as per our forecast 8/23/2023
UserPic Saudi Aramco China Daily: Saudi Aramco continued interest to invest into China 8/22/2023
UserPic Braun, Uwe Mass Balancing the key to EU Circular Economy Objective 8/22/2023
UserPic Grupa Azoty thyssenkrupp Uhde selected by Grupa Azoty for new ammonium nitrate neutralization plant 8/22/2023
UserPic SABIC SABIC launches pilot blockchain project to advance emissions tracking 8/22/2023
UserPic GPC Gulf Petrochemical (Iran) has been added 8/21/2023
UserPic NATPET Saudi PP Producer 8/21/2023
UserPic Alujain Corp Saudi Investment Company 8/21/2023
UserPic NIOC NIOC has been added 8/20/2023
UserPic Tullow PLC Performance comparison 8/19/2023
UserPic Tullow PLC African Upstream Oil company (UK based) 8/19/2023
UserPic Covestro ADNOC's bid not yet off the table 8/18/2023
UserPic SET Thailand Stockexchange 8/17/2023
UserPic SCGC Chemicals Major Thai Petrochems company 8/17/2023
UserPic Crown Property Offic Thai Sovereign Fund 8/17/2023
UserPic SCG Thai investor 8/17/2023
UserPic Braskem Siam Braskem and SCG Chemicals JV in bio-based Ethylene project 8/17/2023
UserPic Ciwandan Mass Balance for Petrochem company in Indonesia 8/17/2023
UserPic Ineos Project One Antwerp Harbour and Ineos Project One 8/16/2023
UserPic Dionne, Jean-François Corrosion 8/10/2023
UserPic Braun, Uwe Communicator News 8/9/2023
UserPic Kwinana Refinery From Refinery to Energy Hub 8/8/2023
UserPic Ludwigshafen Linde: Electric Steamcracking Technology 8/7/2023
UserPic LANXESS AG Head of Lanxess warns : „The de-industrialization is beginning“ 8/6/2023
UserPic Braun, Uwe ppPLUS Communicator 2.0 8/4/2023
UserPic Crude Atmospheric Distillation TechnologyType Communicator introduced 8/4/2023
UserPic Tianjin (TPCC) Ineos confirmed JV with Sinopec 8/2/2023
UserPic LyondellBasell LYB Databook 2021 8/1/2023
UserPic Ineos Project One Project One Permit rejection - The political angle to it. 7/31/2023
UserPic Ineos Project One Ineos CEO Jim Ratcliffe: 'Does Europe still want a chemical sector?' 7/29/2023
UserPic Saudi Aramco Pakistan Secures Aramco Partnership Deal for $10B Refinery 7/29/2023
UserPic Panipat Refinery New Polybutadiene Project 7/28/2023
UserPic PIF PIF and Oman Investment Authority Sign a MoU To Expand Investment in Oman 7/28/2023
UserPic Rongsheng Petrochem. Aramco completes $3.4bn purchase of Rongsheng Petrochemical stake 7/26/2023
UserPic Chase Corporation KKR acquiring all shares of Chase 7/26/2023
UserPic Saudi Aramco Aramco completes $3.4bn purchase of Rongsheng Petrochemical stake 7/23/2023
UserPic Mosmorran/Fife Site brochure with technical details 7/22/2023
UserPic Mosmorran/Fife Fife Cracker Details 7/22/2023
UserPic Ineos Project One Nullification of INEOS project permit is an economic disaster scenario 7/22/2023
UserPic CRV Industrial Ethanol Producer in Brazil set up. 7/21/2023
UserPic Ineos Project One Environmental Permit rejected by Antwerp Authorities 7/21/2023
UserPic Lekki Dangote Control Room 7/17/2023
UserPic Grupa Azoty Interesting cooperation for development of Micro-Modular Reactor with Hyundai 7/14/2023
UserPic Plastic Energy TAC Strategic partnership: Siemer, Landbell, SABIC and Plastic Energy promote closed plastic cycle 7/14/2023
UserPic Guangxi Petrochem LyondellBasell differentiated Polyethylene (PE) technology selected for PetroChina Guangxi complex 7/14/2023
UserPic Atalant European Distributor created 7/12/2023
UserPic PRL Update on Pakistan Refinery status 7/11/2023
UserPic Stenungsund Borealis completes upgrade of furnaces at Stenungsund cracker 7/11/2023
UserPic SIBUR Tobolsk SIBUR Produces Russia’s First Coloured Grades of Polyethylene for Pipe Applications 7/11/2023
UserPic AGROFERT Set up Czech Agro Chemicals group 7/7/2023
UserPic Naphtachimie Ineos announces full acquisition of JV 7/6/2023
UserPic Naphtachimie Created high level Mass Balance 7/6/2023
UserPic Ineos Lavera Ineos Tolling Company 7/6/2023
UserPic GCC MTO Uzbekistan MTO Project 7/4/2023
UserPic TER Plastics Created following Distribution Announcement of Grupa Azoty 7/4/2023
UserPic Kuqa (Hydrogen) Sinopec's first green hydrogen 6/30/2023
UserPic Temasek Temasek Holdings 6/30/2023
UserPic Topsoe Announcing JV with Sasol 6/30/2023
UserPic La Mède New major investment by TotalEnergies in the La Mède biorefinery in 2024 6/29/2023
UserPic Plastic Energy NOVA Chemicals And Plastic Energy Launch Feasibility Study On Advanced Recycling Plant 6/28/2023
UserPic Gasunie Gasunie building Hydrogen network 6/28/2023
UserPic Porvoo Refinery Neste decides to invest in liquefied waste plastic upgrading unit at its Porvoo refinery 6/28/2023
UserPic Baystar Pasadena Technology Update 6/28/2023
UserPic DePoly DePoly receives 12.2m CHF from seed round 6/28/2023
UserPic DePoly BASF Venture Capital invests in startup DePoly SA 6/28/2023
UserPic BASF Venture Capital BASF Venture Capital Company 6/28/2023
UserPic Rosneft Rosneft Boss Outlines Industry Rescue Plan 6/28/2023
UserPic Satorp Amiral Aramco and TotalEnergies award contracts for $11 billion Amiral project 6/26/2023
UserPic Uhde STAR thyssenkrupp Uhde STAR Process created 6/25/2023
UserPic Braskem Bahia New technology applied at Braskem's unit in Bahia optimizes energy consumption 6/19/2023
UserPic Neste Neste decides to invest in liquefied waste plastic upgrading unit at its Porvoo refinery 6/19/2023
UserPic Alterra Plastics Pyrolysis Neste decides to invest in liquefied waste plastic upgrading unit at its Porvoo refinery 6/16/2023
UserPic Jubail United Jubail United created (Sabic) 6/15/2023
UserPic KNC KNC created 6/15/2023
UserPic SSNC (Sabic & SK) SSNC Singapore Holding 6/15/2023
UserPic Egyptian Prop & PP EPP created 6/13/2023
UserPic EPP Port Saied Mass Balance initialized 6/13/2023
UserPic Rafineria Gdanska Valuation assessment 6/4/2023
UserPic Very Flexible PVC Very Flexible PVC added 5/30/2023
UserPic Semi-Rigid PVC Semi-Rigid PVC added 5/30/2023
UserPic Rigid PVC Rigid PVC added 5/30/2023
UserPic Plastisol Plastisol added 5/30/2023
UserPic Modified PVC Modified PVC added 5/30/2023
UserPic Flexible PVC Flexible PVC added 5/30/2023
UserPic Dionne, Jean-François Pedestrian bridge health status 5/30/2023
UserPic Dionne, Jean-François Corrosion: Oil leaking radiator 5/30/2023
UserPic Dionne, Jean-François Corrosion in cold water pipes 5/30/2023
UserPic ExxonMobil Solution Process ExxonMobil Solution Polymerization Process added 5/28/2023
UserPic Medium-Density Polyethylene MDPE added 5/27/2023
UserPic Yeosu Complex LG Chem Yeosu Complex Mass Balance initiated 5/27/2023
UserPic Daesan Complex LG Chem Daesan complex created 5/27/2023
UserPic Yeosu Complex LG Chem Yeosu Complex created 5/27/2023
UserPic Duqm Refinery Startup-Update 5/23/2023
UserPic cropenergies Adding cropenergies, a producer of bioethanol 5/22/2023
UserPic Casale CASALE added to the database of Technology Providers 5/21/2023
UserPic Monoethylene Glycol Ethylene Glycol Manufacturing Routes updated 5/21/2023
UserPic Sailboat MTO Sailboat MTO Plant added 5/21/2023
UserPic Sailboat Jiangsu Sailboat Petrochemical Co., Ltd. added 5/21/2023
UserPic Shenghong PetChem Shenghong Petrochemicals plant added 5/21/2023
UserPic Shenghong Petrochem Shenghong Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd added 5/21/2023
UserPic Wonfull Plant Wonfull Petrochemical Plant added 5/21/2023
UserPic Wonfull Shandong Huifeng (Wonfull) Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd. added 5/21/2023
UserPic Generic Anaerobic Disgestion Generic Biogas Plant created 5/20/2023
UserPic MHTL Methanol Holdings (Trinidad) Limited added 5/20/2023
UserPic Satorp Amiral Project Update 5/17/2023
UserPic Shiraz Plant Shiraz SPC Urea Production added 5/15/2023
UserPic Shiraz Plant Shiraz Petrochemicals Complex added 5/15/2023
UserPic SPC Shiraz Petrochemicals Company added 5/15/2023
UserPic NIPC National Iranian Petrochemical Company created 5/15/2023
UserPic Hugo Chávez Urea Production added to Pequiven Moron Site 5/15/2023
UserPic J.A. Anzoátegui Pequiven José Antonio Anzoátegui Petrochemical Site created 5/15/2023
UserPic Ana María Campos Pequiven Ana María Campos Petrochemical Site created 5/15/2023
UserPic Pequiven Petroquímica de Venezuela, S.A (Pequiven) added 5/15/2023
UserPic Hugo Chávez Pequiven Hugo Chávez Petrochemical Site created 5/15/2023
UserPic Bulo Bulo Plant YPBF Bulo Bulo Ammonia and Urea Plant created 5/14/2023
UserPic Pusri II-B PURSI Ammonia and Urea production captured 5/14/2023
UserPic PUSRI PT Pupuk Sriwidjaja Palembang added 5/14/2023
UserPic Gresik PT Petrokimia Gresik Urea Plant added 5/13/2023
UserPic PTPG PT Petrokimia Gresik created 5/13/2023
UserPic Gadepan III CFCL Urea Plant added 5/13/2023
UserPic CFCL Chambal Fertilisers and Chemicals Ltd. created 5/13/2023
UserPic MSPI MSPI Urea Plant added 5/13/2023
UserPic MSPI Masjed Soleyman Petrochemical Industries Co. added 5/13/2023
UserPic HURL Hindustan Urvarak & Rasayan Limited added 5/13/2023
UserPic Gorakhpur HURL Urea Plant created 5/13/2023
UserPic Indorama Fertilizer Mass Balance improved 5/7/2023
UserPic Biuret Biureth added 5/7/2023
UserPic Toyo ACES 21 Toyo Urea ACES21 Technology added 5/7/2023
UserPic Ammonium Carbamate Ammonium Carbamate added 5/7/2023
UserPic Urea Urea added 5/6/2023
UserPic Inovyn Tavaux Invovyn investing into Hydrogen Transport facilities 5/4/2023
UserPic Inovyn France French entity created 5/4/2023
UserPic Southbend New Acquisition 5/3/2023
UserPic VERBIO North America Verbio acquistion of South Bend Ethanol, Indiana 5/3/2023
UserPic Generic Dry Milling Process US EPA to allow summer sales of gasoline with higher blend of ethanol 5/2/2023
UserPic Generic Wet Milling Process Generic Wet Milling Alcoholic Fermentation Process added 5/2/2023
UserPic Generic Dry Milling Process Generic Dry Milling Alcoholic Fermentation added 5/2/2023
UserPic Hanwha-Total Daesan Technology update 5/1/2023
UserPic RWE Lingen Project Update 4/27/2023
UserPic Huelva Refinery New Biofuels plant 4/26/2023
UserPic Indorama PetChem Mass Balance initialized 4/25/2023
UserPic Indorama Fertilizer Mass Balance initialized 4/25/2023
UserPic Indorama Corporation Created Indorama Corporation 4/25/2023
UserPic Renewable Diesel Renewable Diesel and Biodiesel Supply Trends over 2011–2022 4/22/2023
UserPic RWE Lingen Initialized Mass Balance for Hydrogen Project 4/22/2023
UserPic RWE RWE Utility Company 4/21/2023
UserPic Sodegaura Refinery Receiving 1st shipment of low carbon of ammonia from Saudi 4/20/2023
UserPic SABIC Agri-Nutrients First accredited low-carbon ammonia shipment from Saudi Arabia to Ja 4/20/2023
UserPic Polioles Mexican Polyols Producer 4/17/2023
UserPic ALFA Group Created Alfa as Corporation 4/17/2023
UserPic Alfa Group Mexican Industrial Group 4/16/2023
UserPic Huelva Refinery Flowsheet of Huelva Refinery 4/16/2023
UserPic Bio-Oils Huelva Bio-Oils Huelva 4/15/2023
UserPic Alpek Polyester UK Set up Alpek Polyester UK 4/13/2023
UserPic Chiba Complex Mass Balance updated 4/12/2023
UserPic Lummus Novolen PP Lummus’ Novolen Technology Expands Portfolio for Enhancing Recycled Polymers 4/11/2023
UserPic CO-OP Refinery 2023 Turnaround Update 4/1/2023
UserPic S-Oil Shaheen Set up Shaheen Project 3/31/2023
UserPic Aramco Overseas NL New subsidiaries added 3/28/2023
UserPic Panjin Site Mass Balance initialized 3/28/2023
UserPic HAPCO Shareholding updated 3/28/2023
UserPic PLA China People's Liberation Army (PLA) created 3/28/2023
UserPic Zhoushan Agreement with Saudi Aramco 3/28/2023
UserPic Perenco Oil spill in Poole Harbour (UK) 3/28/2023
UserPic Maasvlakte LyondellBasell and Covestro project converts water-based waste to energy 3/23/2023
UserPic Proman International Methanol, Fertilizer company created 3/21/2023
UserPic VCR New Biofuels Refinery and Hydrogen 3/21/2023
UserPic Enerkem Canadian Biofuels company added 3/21/2023
UserPic Blue Hydrogen Blue Hydrogen Updated 3/19/2023
UserPic Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride CPVC has been added 3/18/2023
UserPic VPR Vitol reports on transformation project 3/17/2023
UserPic XRG Technologies XRG Technology company created 3/17/2023
UserPic Alterra Plastics Pyrolysis Neste acquires European rights to Alterra Energy’s thermochemical liquefaction technology 3/17/2023
UserPic Beaumont Refinery New 250,000 bpd ADU added 3/17/2023
UserPic INEOS Ineos Roadmap to CO2 Neutrality by 2050 3/14/2023
UserPic Antwerp Carbon Capture Project 3/14/2023
UserPic Ineos Oxide UK Ineos Oxide UK created 3/14/2023
UserPic Golden Triangle QatarEnergy and CPChem begin construction of $8.5-B petrochemical facility 3/13/2023
UserPic MURA Corporate Shareholding 3/10/2023
UserPic CAT-HTR PLASTICS Australian Technology Provider 3/10/2023
UserPic MURA MURA TECHNOLOGY created 3/9/2023
UserPic Brightlands Campus Setup Pilot Plant 3/9/2023
UserPic Coolbrool B.V. Coolbrook's pilot plant in cooperation with SABIC 3/9/2023
UserPic Town Gas Town Gas created 3/8/2023
UserPic Golden Triangle QatarEnergy and CPChem celebrate the ground breaking for the Golden Triangle Polymers Plant in Texas 3/8/2023
UserPic Quantafuel Quantafuel Recommends $102.5Mln Takeover Bid From KKR's Viridor 3/7/2023
UserPic PSO Added Government as Shareholder 3/6/2023
UserPic PRL Shareholding update 3/6/2023
UserPic PSO Pakistan State Oil company created 3/6/2023
UserPic PRL Logo updated 3/6/2023
UserPic Sasol Climate Change Report 3/6/2023
UserPic ZPC Mass Balance enhanced with several processes added 3/4/2023
UserPic Sinopec S-MTO Sinopec S-MTO (Methanol To Olefins Technology) added 3/4/2023
UserPic SEG Sinopec Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd. created 3/4/2023
UserPic C4+ Stream C4+ formed as bottoms in the MTO Process created 3/4/2023
UserPic Zhoushan Mass Balance further developed 3/4/2023
UserPic Ineos Grangemouth New Ethane Tank 3/4/2023
UserPic Ineos Gmth Ltd. Ineos Holding company 3/4/2023
UserPic Ineos Chem Gmth Ineos Petrochem Grangemouth 3/4/2023
UserPic NEOM Hydrogen Saudi NEOM Green Hydrogen Co. seals $8.5bn finance deals 3/3/2023
UserPic Rongsheng Petrochem. Rongsheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd. - 2021 Annual Report 3/2/2023
UserPic Miguel Hidalgo Tula Update on construction of Coking Plant 3/2/2023
UserPic Green Ammonia Process Generic Green Ammonia Process created 3/1/2023
UserPic Nanhai Complex Shell Technology 2/28/2023
UserPic Inovyn Norge (Ineos) Ines Inovyn company created 2/27/2023
UserPic Sasol Ventures Initial Setup of Sasol Venture Company 2/26/2023
UserPic Emerald Ventures Swiss Venture Capital firm created 2/26/2023
UserPic Rafineria Gdanska PKN Investment Budget for Raffineria Gdanska 2/26/2023
UserPic Scatec Innovation Norwegian investor company` 2/26/2023
UserPic MOPCO Egyptian Fertilizer company 2/26/2023
UserPic Scatec Norwegian Utility company 2/26/2023
UserPic St. Charles Refinery Lummus CDAlky Unit and Capacity added 2/25/2023
UserPic Iso-Pentane Isopentane added 2/25/2023
UserPic iso-Octane Isooctane added 2/25/2023
UserPic iso-Heptane Isoheptane added 2/25/2023
UserPic Lummus CDAlky Lummus CDAlky created 2/25/2023
UserPic Hydrofluoric Acid, 48% solution Hydrofluoric Acid added 2/25/2023
UserPic Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Concentrated Sulfuric Acid created 2/25/2023
UserPic Maoming RefChem Eni EST capacity added 2/24/2023
UserPic Sannazaro Refinery Eni EST added 2/24/2023
UserPic Ethylene Dichloride EDC (Ethylene Dichloride) added 2/23/2023
UserPic Polyvinyl Chloride PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) added 2/23/2023
UserPic Vinyl Chloride Vinyl Chloride Monomer added 2/23/2023
UserPic CLG ISOCRACKING CLG's Isocracking Fixed-Bed Hydrocracking Technology added 2/22/2023
UserPic Kwinana Refinery Former BP Refinery being converted 2/21/2023
UserPic Green Energy Oman Hydrogen/Ammonia Consortium in Oman 2/21/2023
UserPic InterCont Energy Low carbon projects company 2/21/2023
UserPic Wusta/Dhofar Mass Balance initialized for Hydrogen/Ammonia Project 2/21/2023
UserPic Enertech Holding Kuwaiti Utility company created 2/21/2023
UserPic Hydrogen Rise Hydrogen Investor company 2/21/2023
UserPic Nature Energy Danish natural gas company created 2/21/2023
Ineos Arom. Indon. test title 2/20/2023
UserPic Lotte Ineos Lotte Ineos Mass Balance finalized 2/20/2023
UserPic Generic Gasification Process Process redefined as Gasification 2/20/2023
UserPic INEOS Cativa INEO Cativa™ Acetic Aid Process created 2/17/2023
UserPic Ineos Arom. Indon. Shareholding 2/17/2023
UserPic Ineos PCG Acetyls Ineos Acetyls company created 2/17/2023
UserPic Generic Gasification Process Carbon Monoxide Process via Crude Oil Partial Oxidation created 2/17/2023
UserPic Vinyl Acetate Vinyl Acetate Created 2/17/2023
UserPic Acetic Acid Acetic Acid created 2/17/2023
UserPic Fulcrum UK Fulcrum BioEnergy’s United Kingdom Waste-To-Fuels Project Awarded £16.8 Million Grant 2/16/2023
UserPic Ineos Geel Entity/Site created and MB initialized 2/16/2023
UserPic Lotte Ineos Chemical Ineos Lotte JV created 2/15/2023
UserPic Salalah Methanol Mass Balance initialized 2/15/2023
UserPic Salalah Methanol Detailed operation description on Global Data 2/15/2023
UserPic Ammonia (Gas) Ammonia: The Missing Link in the Energy Transition? 2/15/2023
UserPic Hydrogen UK - Green Hydrogen Calculator 2/15/2023
UserPic GCA Texas City Initialized Mass Balance - Project 2023 2/14/2023
UserPic Mabanaft Energy solutions company 2/14/2023
UserPic Gulf Coast Ammonia GCA created 2/14/2023
UserPic Scotford Refinery Refinery, part of CCS Project 2/14/2023
UserPic Port Jerome Hydrogen project between Air Liquide and Total 2/14/2023
UserPic Ineos Project One Ineos secures financing for Project One 2/14/2023
UserPic Raffinerie Heide Heide Refinery and Westküste100 Project 2/14/2023
UserPic Storengy France French cavern operator 2/14/2023
UserPic Storengy Deutschland German salt caverns operator 2/14/2023
UserPic Storengy UK Storage caverns 2/14/2023
UserPic Technip France Technology Provider for Yuri Australia 2/13/2023
UserPic YURI Hydrogen Project Video 2/13/2023
UserPic YURI Hydrogen Major green Hydrogen investment 2/13/2023