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UserPic FPCC Mailiao Naphtha and Cracking product volumes not matching 6/24/2024
UserPic FCFC FCFC updated. 6/24/2024
UserPic NCPC Mailiao NVPC Mailiao created. 6/24/2024
UserPic NCPC Nan Chung Petrochemical Corp. created 6/24/2024
UserPic FICC Mailiao FICC Mailiao site created. 6/24/2024
UserPic FICC Formosa Ineos Chemical Corp. created 6/24/2024
UserPic NPC Mailiao Nan Ya Plastics Mailiao plant created 6/24/2024
UserPic NPC Nan Ya Plastics entity created 6/24/2024
UserPic MaiLiao Plant Simosa Asphalt Blowing Unit added. 6/24/2024
UserPic MaiLiao Plant Simosa Oil Co. Mailiao plant created. 6/24/2024
UserPic SOC Simosa Oil Co. of Taiwan created. 6/24/2024
UserPic FPCUSA Formosa Plastics Point Comfort TX created 6/23/2024
UserPic FPCUSA Formosa Plastic Corp. USA created 6/23/2024
UserPic FPC Formosa Plastics Corporation created. 6/23/2024
UserPic FPG Formosa Plastic Group, Taiwan, created. 6/23/2024
UserPic IPC Jubail Shareholders of IPC LLC determined. 6/23/2024
UserPic IPC Jubail Mass Balance Initialized with LDPE Plant and EVA Production added. 6/23/2024
UserPic IPC Jubail IPC LLC in Jubail created. 6/23/2024
UserPic Osaka Works Hypol-II PP plant added. 6/23/2024
UserPic Osaka Works Mitsui Chemicals Osaka Works created. 6/23/2024
UserPic Mitsui Hypol-II Mitsui Hypo-II technology description updated. 6/23/2024
UserPic Borealis Geleen Mass Balance of Plastomers site completed. 6/23/2024
UserPic Borealis Plastomers Borealis Plastomers in Geleen, NL, created. 6/23/2024
UserPic BOREALIS Borceed Borceed technology added. 6/22/2024
UserPic Ruwais Refinery East Mass Balance improved with feedstock handling in ADU / Splitter 6/21/2024
UserPic Ruwais Refinery West PDH plant added to site 6/21/2024
UserPic LyondellBasell Dalia LyondellBasell Begins Production at New PP Compounding Plant in Dalian, China 6/21/2024
UserPic Borouge 2 Borouge 2 Mass Balance completed 6/20/2024
UserPic Ineos Ltd Everyone is leaving the Petrochemicals Industry in Europe 6/20/2024
UserPic Saras S.p.A Vitol completed acquisition from Massimo Moratti 6/20/2024
UserPic Lummus OCT Lummus Olefin Conversion Technology description updated 6/20/2024
UserPic Olefin Metathesis Olefin Metathesis Technology Type description updated 6/20/2024
UserPic Generic Propylene via Metathesis Generic Olefin Metathesis Technology updated 6/20/2024
UserPic Borouge 1 Borouge 1 mass balance completed 6/20/2024
UserPic GAIL PATA Mass Balance of PATA well developped 6/18/2024
UserPic GAIL Usar Mass Balance of Usar site well advanced. 6/18/2024
UserPic GAIL PATA GAIL PATA PetChem plant created 6/18/2024
UserPic GAIL Usar GAIL Usar PetChem site created 6/18/2024
UserPic GAIL Company GAIL (India) Limited created 6/18/2024
UserPic Crude Oil OPEC: Peak oil demand not on the horizon 6/17/2024
UserPic TKOC Shuaiba Mass Balance developed. 6/17/2024
UserPic TKSC TKSC share holding structure created. 6/17/2024
UserPic Dow Chem. Kuwait Dow Chemicals Kuwait entity created 6/17/2024
UserPic KNPC KNPC shareholding structure created. 6/17/2024
UserPic TKOC Shuaiba TKOC Shuaiba site created 6/15/2024
UserPic Quanzhou PetChem PP Plants with their production capacities added 6/15/2024
UserPic TKSC The Kuwait Styrene Company (TKSO) created 6/15/2024
UserPic PRIZe Al-Zour Mass Balance initialized with PP production capacity 6/15/2024
UserPic PRIZe Al-Zour Petrochemical Facility - Refinery Integration Al-Zour Project (PRIZe) created 6/15/2024
UserPic Al Zour Refinery Official Commissioning of Al Zour Refinery 6/15/2024
UserPic LNGI Al-Zour KIPIC LNGI Business created. 6/15/2024
UserPic KOC KOC shareholding created. 6/15/2024
UserPic KOC Kuwait Oil Company created 6/15/2024
UserPic YANSAB Yanbu Mass Balance initialized. 6/14/2024
UserPic HPL Haldia Petrochemicals Announces 10-Year Naphtha Supply Agreement with QatarEnergy 6/14/2024
UserPic Crude Oil There will be needs for several mega-refineries to be built every year until 2050 6/13/2024
UserPic Ruwais Refinery West Ruwais Refinery West created & Mass Balance initialized. 6/13/2024
UserPic Ruwais Refinery East Ruwais complex splitted into two refineries 6/13/2024
UserPic Murban Murban Abu Dhabi light crude added 6/13/2024
UserPic Petrobazi Refinery OMV Petrom to become major sustainable fuels producer 6/12/2024
UserPic J-3 EP Jamnagar J-3 Expansion Project created. 6/12/2024
UserPic J2 JERP Mass balance initialized 6/12/2024
UserPic J2 JERP Jamnagar J2 JERP Export Refinery created 6/12/2024
UserPic INEOS Styrolution INEOS Styrolution announces decision to permanently close Sarnia site by June 2026. 6/12/2024
UserPic Schwechat Refinery New Bio Processing Plant 6/11/2024
UserPic Kokel, Nicolas There will be needs for several mega-refineries to be built every year until 2050 6/11/2024
UserPic INEOS Stratton Ridge INEOS Stratton Ridge storage site created. 6/9/2024
UserPic INEOS Carlson Mass balance initialized with PP plant added. 6/9/2024
UserPic INEOS BMC Mass balance initialised with one HDPE plant added. 6/9/2024
UserPic INEOS Carlson INEOS Carson created. 6/9/2024
UserPic INEOS Hobbs INEOS Hobbs Deethanizer site created. 6/9/2024
UserPic INEOS CBW INEOS Chocolate Bayou Works created. 6/9/2024
UserPic INEOS BMC INEOS Battleground Manufacturing Complex created. 6/9/2024
UserPic INEOS USA LLC INEOS USA LLC created 6/9/2024
UserPic LIP Lake Charles LIP JV Mass Balance finalized 6/9/2024
UserPic LIP Lake Charles Louisiana Integrated Polyethylene Production Plant created. 6/9/2024
UserPic LIP JV Louisiana Integrated Polyethylene JV infos updated. 6/9/2024
UserPic Sasol Chem. America Sasol Chemicals America created 6/8/2024
UserPic Etileno XXI Mass Balance completed 6/8/2024
UserPic Saudi Aramco Aramco Share Sale to Become One of the Largest in the World 6/7/2024
UserPic Petrokemya Jubail Mass balance initialized 6/7/2024
UserPic SHARQ Jubail Mass balance initialized 6/7/2024
UserPic KBR SCORE KBR Score Steam Cracking Process Description updated. 6/7/2024
UserPic Kemya Jubail Mass Balance developed 6/6/2024
UserPic Univation UNIPOL PE Technology description improved. 6/6/2024
UserPic ExxonMobil Autoclave LDPE Process ExxonMobil LDPE Autoclave Reactor process added 6/6/2024
UserPic ExxonMobil Tubular LDPE Process ExxonMobil LDPE Tubular Reactor process added 6/6/2024
UserPic Kemya Jubail Kemya production site in Al Jubail created 6/6/2024
UserPic KEMYA Al-Jubail Petrochemical Company (Kemya), a SABIC & ExxonMobil JV, created 6/6/2024
UserPic Petrokemya Jubail Petrokemya production site created 6/5/2024
UserPic Petrokemya Petrokemya created 6/5/2024
UserPic SHARQ Jubail SHARQ Production Site in Al Jubail created. 6/5/2024
UserPic SHARQ SHARQ, a JV between SABIC and SPDC, created. 6/5/2024
UserPic SPDC Ltd. Saudi Petrochemical Development Corporation created. 6/5/2024
UserPic Ras Tanura Mass balance initialized 6/5/2024
UserPic Gas Condensate Gas Condensate description updated. 6/5/2024
UserPic Meet the Experts ppPLUS Solutions - Join us 6/5/2024
UserPic NATPET LYB Expands Core PP Business with 35% Stake in NATPET from Alujain in Saudi Arabia 6/5/2024
UserPic ELSHOKAFY, AHMED A Comprehensive Guide to Polyoxymethylene (POM): Manufacturing Process, Grades, Applications, and Ma 6/5/2024
UserPic ExxonMobil Holding ExxonMobil announces merger with Pioneer Natural Resources in an all-stock transaction 6/4/2024
UserPic Cedar Bayou Plant Main productions and consumptions captured. 6/3/2024
UserPic SP Chemicals Taixing Assets productions and captive consumptions captured. 6/2/2024
UserPic Generic VCM Process Generic balances VCM Process created. 6/1/2024
UserPic Ethylene Chlorination Ethylene Chlorination into EDC & Cracking into VCM added. 6/1/2024
UserPic Pure Sodium Hydroxide Pure sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) added. 6/1/2024
UserPic SP Chemicals Taixing SP Chemicals Taixing site created. 6/1/2024
UserPic SP Chemicals Co SP Chemicals Co., Ltd. created. 6/1/2024
UserPic Generic Membrane Chloralkali Generic Membrane Chloralkali Process created. 6/1/2024
UserPic Ineos Man. Belgium Changed legal Entity 5/30/2024
UserPic ConocoPhillips ConocoPhillips to acquire Marathon Oil Corporation 5/30/2024
UserPic Plastics Gasification Sustainable Aviation ✈ Fuel company Fulcrum Bioenergy collapses after burning $1 billion 5/29/2024
UserPic Reliance Ltd. 🇮🇳 🇷🇺 Reliance to pay in roubles for Russian oil under new deal 5/29/2024
UserPic Crude Oil “Big Oil” companies face mounting legal challenges from climate-obsessed groups 5/29/2024
UserPic SEYED JAFARI, HAMID Crude Biodiesel & Crude Bio-Glycerin Production by Used Cooking Oil (UCO) in Bench Scale 5/27/2024
UserPic Chimei CHIMEI Corp. created 5/26/2024
UserPic Lipids Transesterification Transesterification of fatty esters added. 5/26/2024
UserPic Generic Delayed Coking Generic delayed coking added. 5/25/2024
UserPic Petroleum Coking Petroleum Coking added. 5/25/2024
UserPic ELSHOKAFY, AHMED Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Manufacturing: Processes and Market Trends 5/25/2024
UserPic Southbend Verbio starts expansion work on second biorefinery in North America 5/24/2024
UserPic Bitterfeld Ground breaking for manufacturing of bio-based chemicals 5/24/2024
UserPic PP Elastomers and Plastomers Flexible PP Copolymers created 5/21/2024
UserPic Polyolefin Elastomers POP (Polyolefin Elastomers, ULDPE) definition updated. 5/21/2024
UserPic Polyolefin Plastomer POP (Polyolefin Plastomers, VLDPE) definition updated. 5/21/2024
UserPic European Refinery Closures Wood Mackenzie Refinery Update 5/21/2024
UserPic ELSHOKAFY, AHMED Unraveling the Fiber: Exploring the Dynamics of Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) 5/21/2024
UserPic ELSHOKAFY, AHMED Polystyrene: A Versatile Plastic with a Surprising Past and Uncertain Future 5/21/2024
UserPic ELSHOKAFY, AHMED The Comprehensive Guide to Polyvinyl Chloride: Characteristics, Grades, and Applications 5/21/2024
UserPic Propane, Butane & Pentane Dehydrogenation PDH Technologies added. 5/20/2024
UserPic Al-Waha Jubail Al-Waha created and Mass Balance initialized. 5/20/2024
UserPic Al-Waha Al-Waha PetChem Co. in KSA created 5/20/2024
UserPic NATPET Yanbu NATPET Mass Balance improved 5/20/2024
UserPic Lummus CATOFIN PDH Lummus CATOFIN PDH description updated. 5/20/2024
UserPic SPC Jubail Mass balance initialized 5/20/2024
UserPic Lummus Novolen PP Novolen technology description updated. 5/20/2024
UserPic SPC (KSA) SPC Saudi Arabia created 5/20/2024
UserPic SEPC Jubail Mass balance initialized 5/20/2024
UserPic SEPC SEPC in Saudi Arabia created 5/20/2024
UserPic KBR K-PRO KBR K-PRO PDH updated 5/18/2024
UserPic Generic LDPE Autoclave Process HP Autoclave LDPE Technology updated. 5/18/2024
UserPic MOL Petrochemicals MOL and thyssenkrupp Uhde celebrate opening of Polyol Plant 5/17/2024
UserPic MOL Petrochemicals Reallocated Site to Mol Co. Ltd. 5/17/2024
UserPic Dushanzi Xinjiang Ineos Innovene and S and Innovene PP productions added 5/16/2024
UserPic Solution Polymerization of Ethylene Olefins Solution Polymerisation Processes are being added. 5/16/2024
UserPic Italian Plastic Tax 🇮🇹 The seventh postponement arrives for the Italian Plastic tax 5/16/2024
UserPic Dow Freeport Mass balance initialized 5/16/2024
UserPic Dow Freeport DOW's Freeport site created 5/16/2024
UserPic NOVA AST Advanced SCLAIRTECH™ Technology added 5/14/2024
UserPic NOVA SCLAIRTECH Nova SCLAIRTECH has been created 5/14/2024
UserPic Ineos Ltd INEOS Completes Purchase of LyondellBasell’s Ethylene Oxide and Derivatives Business 5/14/2024
UserPic LyondellBasell NV LyondellBasell Weighs Strategic Options for European Assets 5/14/2024
UserPic Polinter Maracaibo Polinter manufacturing site created 5/13/2024
UserPic Dahej ONGC Petro additions Ltd (OPaL) Dahej fully modeled 5/13/2024
UserPic INEOS Innovene PP Innovene PP Technology updated 5/8/2024
UserPic Mitsui CX Mitsui CX Process updated 5/8/2024
UserPic Generic Pygas Hydrogenation Generic Pygas (Selective) Hydrogenation added 5/8/2024
UserPic Linde Steam Cracking Linde Steam Cracking description improved 5/8/2024
UserPic Saipem 1-Butene Saipem 1-Butene Process updated 5/7/2024
UserPic Generic Selective Hydrogenation Generic Selective Hydrogenation updated. 5/7/2024
UserPic Generic Hydrodealkylation Hydrodealkylation Process updated 5/7/2024
UserPic C5 Pyrolysis Gasoline C5 Pygas updated 5/7/2024
UserPic BTX Aromatics BTX Aromatics updated. 5/5/2024
UserPic Crude Oil 🚢 Maersk forecasts prolonged disruptions in international trade 5/5/2024
UserPic Generic Pygas Process Generic Pygas Hydrotreating has been updated. 5/3/2024
UserPic Axens C5+ Pygas Hydrogenation Axens' C5+ Pygas Hydrogenation Process updated 5/3/2024
UserPic Hydrotreating Hydrotreating process updated. 5/3/2024
UserPic ONGC PetChem (OPAL) ONGC to turnaround OPal by FY25; scout for strategic investor by FY27 5/3/2024
UserPic Dahej Consumptions of PE/PP plants added as well as cracker technology. 5/3/2024
UserPic Koeln 30 production assets added as placeholders 5/2/2024
UserPic Ineos Man. Belgium INEOS O&P Europe announces €30m upgrade of Lillo polyolefins plant. 5/2/2024
UserPic INEOS O&P EU Lillo PP and HDPE production added. 5/2/2024
UserPic INEOS O&P Geel PP Technology and production capacity added. 5/2/2024
UserPic INEOS O&P Geel INEOS O&P Geel entity and plant created. 5/2/2024
UserPic Ineos Aromatics Geel INEOS Aromatics to propose mothballing one of its PTA plants in Geel, Belgium 5/2/2024
UserPic INEOS Innovene G INEOS Innovene G technology updated 5/2/2024
UserPic INEOS Innovene S INEOS Innovene S technology updated. 5/2/2024
UserPic SIBUR Tobolsk ZapSibNeftekhim mass balance defined. 5/1/2024
UserPic INEOS Innovene PP Innovene PP technology added. 5/1/2024
UserPic Sibur-Khimprom JSC Sibur-Khimprom created 5/1/2024
UserPic SIBUR-Neftekhim JSC SIBUR-Neftekhim created 5/1/2024
UserPic RusVinyl Solvay to sell its stake in RusVinyl 5/1/2024
UserPic SiburTyumenGas JSC JSC SiburTyumenGas created 5/1/2024
UserPic Zapsibtransgaz LLC LLC ZapsibTransgaz created 5/1/2024
UserPic Crude Oil Oil companies are taking steps to reduce their reliance on loans to finance their operations 5/1/2024
UserPic Daesan Factory Mass balance initialized 4/30/2024
UserPic Yeosu Basic Mat. Mass Balance initialized 4/30/2024
UserPic Yeosu Basic Mat. Lotte Chemical Yeosu Basic Materials created 4/29/2024
UserPic Yeosu Adv. Materials Lotte Chemical Yeosu Advanced Materials created 4/29/2024
UserPic Ulsan Factory Lotte Chemical Ulsan Factory created 4/29/2024
UserPic Daesan Factory Lotte Chemical Daesan Factory created 4/29/2024
UserPic PetroRabigh EO/MEG mass balance details added. 4/29/2024
UserPic SEPC Singapore EO/MEG process balanced out. 4/29/2024
UserPic Marun PetChem Marun Petrochemical Complex modeled and mass balanced 4/29/2024
UserPic Ethylene Oxide Hydrolysis into Ethylene Glycols Ethylene Oxide Hydrolysis into Glycol updated 4/29/2024
UserPic Shell OMEGA Process Shell OMEGA Process updated 4/29/2024
UserPic Shell MASTER Process Shell MASTER Process created 4/29/2024
UserPic Shell EO Shell EO Process updated 4/29/2024
UserPic AKPC Khuzestan Site fully modeled with mass balance and technologies. 4/28/2024
UserPic lyondellbasell Hostalen lyondellbasell Hostalen created 4/28/2024
UserPic lyondellbasell Hostalen ACP Hostalen ACP Technology updated 4/28/2024
UserPic Axens AlphaButol Axens' AlphaButol process updated 4/28/2024
UserPic Acetylene Acetylene created 4/28/2024
UserPic Total Antwerp Mass balance initialized 4/27/2024
UserPic MOL Petrochemicals Mass balance initialized 4/27/2024
UserPic BASF Antwerp Mass balance initialized 4/27/2024
UserPic Linde Steam Cracking Linde Steam Cracking Technology added. 4/27/2024
UserPic BIPC Bandar Mahshahr BIPC site created 4/27/2024
UserPic BIPC BIPC's production records 4/27/2024
UserPic BIPC Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company created. 4/27/2024
UserPic BPSC Khuzestan BPSC Khuzestan Petrochemcial site created 4/27/2024
UserPic BSPC Bouali Sina PetChem Co. created 4/27/2024
UserPic AKPC Khuzestan AKPC production site created 4/27/2024
UserPic AKPC Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company created 4/27/2024
UserPic Marun PetChem Marun Petrochemical Complex created 4/27/2024
UserPic Marun Oil & Gas Marun Oil & Gas created 4/27/2024
UserPic Marun Marun Petrochemical Group created 4/27/2024
UserPic Yizheng Chemical Sinopec Starts Production at the World’s Largest PTA Project 4/26/2024
UserPic Yizheng Chemical Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company Limited 4/26/2024
UserPic Golden Triangle Logo updated 4/25/2024
UserPic Saudi Aramco 🇨🇳 🇸🇦 Aramco in talks to acquire 10% stake in Chinese company Hengli Petrochemical 4/23/2024
UserPic Technip Steam Cracking Technip Energies Steam Cracking updated 4/22/2024
UserPic BASF BASF acquiring wind farms from Vattenfall 4/22/2024
UserPic Steam Cracking Steam Cracking Process updated 4/22/2024
UserPic Clinker Incineration Clinker created 4/20/2024
UserPic Boiler Slag Boiler slag added. 4/20/2024
UserPic ENGIE Engie scraps H2Sines.Rdam aimed to ship liquid hydrogen from Portugal to The Netherlands 4/19/2024
UserPic Etileno XXI Etileno XXI petrochemical complex in Coatzacoalcos created 4/16/2024
UserPic Braskem Idesa Shareholder structure defined 4/16/2024
UserPic IDESA Grupo IDESA created. 4/16/2024
UserPic Braskem Idesa Braskem Idesa created. 4/16/2024
UserPic Crude Oil Record Highs in Tanker Prices 4/15/2024
UserPic Fly Ash Fly Ash added 4/15/2024
UserPic Steel Slag Steel Slag added 4/15/2024
UserPic Coal Bottom Ash Coal Bottom Ash added 4/14/2024
UserPic Incineration Bottom Ash Incineration Bottom Ash added 4/14/2024
UserPic Pulverized Coal Pulverized Coal added 4/14/2024
UserPic Bottom Ash Bottom Ash added 4/14/2024
UserPic ExxonMobil Holding 🇬🇾 ExxonMobil Commits USD 12.7 Billion Investment in Whiptail Oil Field Development in Guyana 4/14/2024
UserPic Crude Oil 🇷🇺🇮🇳 Russian Oil Prices Exceed G7 Cap 4/14/2024
UserPic Waste-To-Energy (Incineration) Waste-to-Energy (Incineration) added. 4/12/2024
UserPic Bulky Waste Bulky Waste 4/12/2024
UserPic Glycol Dehydration Glycol dehydration 4/12/2024
UserPic Air Separation Air Separation Technology 4/12/2024
UserPic Tianjin LNG Terminal PipeChina Tianjin LNG Terminal created 4/12/2024
UserPic PipeChina PipeChina entity created 4/12/2024
UserPic Crude Oil 🇮🇳 India Initiates Construction of First Commercial Strategic Crude Oil Storage Facility 4/11/2024
UserPic Sabic Geleen 🇳🇱 Sabic closes Olefins-3 cracker at Geleen after maintenance stop 4/11/2024
UserPic Chlorinated Polyethylene Chlorinated polyethylene added 4/10/2024
UserPic Kilpathi Mass balance initiated. 4/9/2024
UserPic Carbon Dioxide 🇩🇪 German trade union expresses concerns over Inclusion of all HC in CO2 emissions trading system 4/9/2024
UserPic Lukoil Neftohim 🇧🇬🇷🇺 Lukoil Neftochim Refinery in Bulgaria Faces Potential Sale Amid Political Shift 4/9/2024
UserPic Crude Oil 🇮🇷🇨🇳 Iran's Oil Exports Generate $35 Billion in Revenue for the Year 4/9/2024
UserPic ADNOC 🇦🇪🇨🇳 ADNOC Starts Production at Belbazem Offshore Fields 4/9/2024
UserPic BPCL Petrochemical Project update 4/4/2024
UserPic HPL 🇮🇳 Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd is investing $10 billion in Tamil Nadu 4/2/2024
UserPic Ineos Ltd INEOS completes the acquisition of TotalEnergie’ s petrochemical assets at Lavera 4/2/2024
UserPic Naphtachimie Ineos completes acquisition 4/1/2024
UserPic Saudi Aramco Uncle Sam Strikes Black Gold: US Acquires Saudi Aramco in Shocking Move! 4/1/2024
UserPic Bharat Oman JV terminated in 2021 3/31/2024
UserPic Bharat Bina Refinery has been modelled under BPCL 3/31/2024
UserPic Bina Refinery Reconfigured in Bharat "BPCL" 3/31/2024
UserPic Reliance Ltd. Reliance refusing Sovcomflot oil shipments after sanctions 3/21/2024
UserPic Shell 🇷🇺 🇬🇧 Shell Continues Commitment to NOVATEK Partnership 3/19/2024
UserPic Refining 🇨🇳🛢Chinese Private Refineries Slash Output Amidst Declining Industrial Demand 3/15/2024
UserPic Shell 🇬🇧 Shell to Revise Green Energy Targets Downward 3/14/2024
UserPic Crude Oil 🛢Fossils are still very profitable 3/13/2024
UserPic White Hydrogen 🇫🇷 France, the future El Dorado of hydrogen? 3/13/2024
UserPic Polyolefin Plastomer POP, PolyOlefin Plastomers 3/7/2024
UserPic Polyolefin Elastomers POE, PolyOlefin Elastomers 3/7/2024
UserPic Plastics Pyrolysis JV partners Agilyx and AmSty shut down Regenyx polystyrene chemical recycling plant 3/5/2024
UserPic Crude Oil 🇮🇷 Iran Aims to Boost Gas Production to 1.3 Billion Cubic Meters per Day by 2030 3/4/2024
UserPic Crude Oil 🇹🇷 Republic of Türkiye Aims for Energy Independence with Projected Oil Production Increase 3/3/2024
UserPic BP p.l.c 🇬🇧 BP's Return to Hydrocarbons: A Strategy Shift 3/3/2024
UserPic Gasification Industrial gasification process description 2/22/2024
UserPic Guru Gobind Singh Major Polymer Project 2/20/2024
UserPic Hydrogen Shell Closes Hydrogen Refueling Stations in the United States 2/17/2024
UserPic KKR Delaware KKR Investor created 2/15/2024
UserPic Viridor Viridor created 2/15/2024
UserPic Repsol Sines Mass Balancing 2/15/2024
UserPic Repsol Sines Project ALBA 2/15/2024
UserPic Quantafuel Viridor takes full ownership of Quantafuel AS 2/15/2024
UserPic Plastics PyOil Towards certification of waste for chemical recycling, pyrolysis oil? 2/15/2024
UserPic Saras S.p.A 35% Sale to Vitol Group 2/12/2024
UserPic Duqm Refinery