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UserPic Gasification Industrial gasification process description 2/22/2024
UserPic Guru Gobind Singh Major Polymer Project 2/20/2024
UserPic Hydrogen Shell Closes Hydrogen Refueling Stations in the United States 2/17/2024
UserPic KKR Delaware KKR Investor created 2/15/2024
UserPic Viridor Viridor created 2/15/2024
UserPic Repsol Sines Mass Balancing 2/15/2024
UserPic Repsol Sines Project ALBA 2/15/2024
UserPic Quantafuel Viridor takes full ownership of Quantafuel AS 2/15/2024
UserPic Plastics PyOil Towards certification of waste for chemical recycling, pyrolysis oil? 2/15/2024
UserPic Saras S.p.A 35% Sale to Vitol Group 2/12/2024
UserPic Duqm Refinery Project Summary 2/12/2024
UserPic Crude Oil India to Invest $67 Billion in Oil and Gas Sector by 2030 2/10/2024
UserPic White Hydrogen White / Natural hydrogen description updated 2/10/2024
UserPic Crude Oil India thirsty for Russian oil 2/10/2024
UserPic Crude Oil Record U.S. Surge of Venezuelan Oil Imports Amid Shifting Global Dynamics 2/7/2024
UserPic Crude Oil Brazil Achieves Record-breaking Production Levels 2/7/2024
UserPic Tamilnadu Partnership with Ineos 2/7/2024
UserPic Crude Oil Iran's Oil Exports Surge by 50% in 2023 2/3/2024
UserPic Uniper Uniper Stake Sale Preparation Underway 2/3/2024
UserPic Bayport Total BASF MB Initialized with Ethylene 2/2/2024
UserPic Bayport Total BASF BASF TotalEnergies’ Petrochemicals Earns International Sustainability and Carbon Certification 2/2/2024
UserPic BASF TOTAL JV First batch of chemically recycled plastic at BTP Plant 2/2/2024
UserPic Shell Shell Plans Partial Exit from Nigeria with SPDC Sale 2/2/2024
UserPic Africa Oil Canada's Africa Oil Expands Operations with South African Well Drilling 2/2/2024
UserPic YPFB Bolivia's YPFB Allocates Majority of 2024 Investment Budget to Hydrocarbon Exploration 2/2/2024
UserPic Liquified Natural Gas Arctic LNG 2 Set to Commence LNG Deliveries in February 2024 2/2/2024
UserPic Deer Park Refinery AMLO regrets not buying more oil refineries 2/2/2024
UserPic BP p.l.c Challenges in US Wind Energy Sector: Equinor and BP Face Profitability Concerns 2/2/2024
UserPic Petrobras Petrobras Announces $3.1 Billion Investment Plan for Equatorial Margin 2/2/2024
UserPic Kokel, Nicolas Oil and Gas Sector Sees Record M&A Activity in 2023 2/2/2024
UserPic Liquified Natural Gas Texas Governor Opposes Biden's "Green" Decisions Impacting LNG Industry 2/2/2024
UserPic Liquified Natural Gas Gas Shortage Looms as LNG Exports Face Partial Ban 2/2/2024
UserPic Liquified Natural Gas Barcelona Faces 15-Day Extension in Gas Ship Waits 2/2/2024
UserPic Saudi Aramco Saudi Aramco Reverses Course: Abandons Oil Production Increase Plans 2/2/2024
UserPic Lekki Dangote Oil Refinery in Nigeria Expands Sourcing to Include US Crude 2/2/2024
UserPic LanzaJet Lanzajet Shareholders 1/29/2024
UserPic LanzaJet LanzaJet opening of their production Facility 1/29/2024
UserPic Sino Saudi Ethylene Project FID 1/23/2024
UserPic Fuhua Gulei Petroch Chinese Operator/Investor company 1/23/2024
UserPic SABIC Ind Inv Comp Sabic Investment Company 1/23/2024
UserPic Yasref Refinery Sustainability Project 1/16/2024
UserPic Yasref Yasref is evaluating biofuels and plastic co-processing 1/16/2024
UserPic Krishnan, Muthuramalingam Why is Nylon 66 better than Nylon 6? 1/11/2024
UserPic HPL Haldia achieved ISO Certification 1/11/2024
UserPic Ineos Project One Project has received green light by Belgium ministry. 1/8/2024
UserPic SASREF Saudi Aramco in talks to sell 50% to Rongsheng 1/3/2024
UserPic Polyamide 6 Polyamide 6 updated. 1/1/2024
UserPic Polyamide 66 Polyamide 66 added 1/1/2024
UserPic Methanol To Olefins China launches test runs for world’s largest plant that can convert coal to ethanol 12/31/2023
UserPic Fort Saskatchewan Technip Technology Provider for Project 12/21/2023
UserPic PCK Schwedt Refinery Prax Group taking over shares from Shell 12/17/2023
UserPic Saudi Aramco Aramco to acquire a 40% stake in Gas & Oil Pakistan 12/13/2023
UserPic Underwood EO MB initialized, open questions 12/9/2023
UserPic Underwood EO Plant is being acquired by Ineos 12/9/2023
UserPic BASF BASF commits to targets for Scope 3.1 emissions 12/7/2023
UserPic Bukom Refinery MB Initialized but site under review 12/5/2023
UserPic Shell Moerdijk MB initialized 12/5/2023
UserPic Dormagen Covestro strengthens sustainability and competitiveness of TDI production 12/5/2023
UserPic Ineos Acetyls TC Converted to Ineos Acetyls 12/5/2023
UserPic Greenergy UK Greenergy UK Company 12/4/2023
UserPic Brookfield Partners Investor in Greennergy 12/4/2023
UserPic PRL PRL to double capacity 12/4/2023
UserPic Fort Saskatchewan Description of the Cracker Net Zero Project 12/4/2023
UserPic Natref Refinery Assigned Shareholding to Prax Group 12/4/2023
UserPic Natref Refinery TotalEnergies to sign stake to Prax Group 12/4/2023
UserPic Expandable Polystyrene Expandable Polystyrene added 12/2/2023
UserPic Pentane Pentane added 12/2/2023
UserPic Cyclopentane Cyclopentane added 12/2/2023
UserPic Olmeca Refinery Olmeca Refinery started deliveries 11/30/2023
UserPic Borouge 4 MB set up 11/29/2023
UserPic Borouge 3 / PP5 MB set up 11/29/2023
UserPic Borouge 2 MB set up 11/29/2023
UserPic Borouge 1 MB set up 11/29/2023
UserPic Abu Dhabi Pol. (ADP) Sites setup 11/29/2023
UserPic Abu Dhabi Pol. (ADP) Carved out asset company 11/29/2023
UserPic Borouge (PTE) Created Distribution company 11/29/2023
UserPic Borealis AG Restructured Shareholding 11/29/2023
UserPic PDH Plant Created Project and planned capacity 11/29/2023
UserPic Borouge PLC Shareholding and company status 11/29/2023
UserPic Fawley ExxonMobil is now in the main construction phase of a new low-sulphur diesel facility 11/28/2023
UserPic JunYuan Chinese Solvent Manufacturer 11/27/2023
UserPic Total Plastic Energy TotalEnergies & Plastic Energy 11/27/2023
UserPic SABIC Plastic Energy JV company created 11/27/2023
UserPic Plastic Energy UK Shareholding 11/27/2023
UserPic Plastic Energy Spain Main Group Company 11/27/2023
UserPic Kilpathi Ethylene capacity added 11/26/2023
UserPic Shell Norco MB extended for Ethylene and Propylene 11/26/2023
UserPic COMPO EXPERT Fertilizer Group 11/26/2023
UserPic Sucrose Sucrose added. 11/24/2023
UserPic Glucose Glucose added 11/24/2023
UserPic Fructose Fructose added 11/24/2023
UserPic Grangemouth Refinery faces closure 11/23/2023
UserPic General Purpose Polystyrene GPPS description updated 11/21/2023
UserPic High-Impact Polystyrene HIPS added 11/21/2023
UserPic Syndiotactic Polystyrene Syndiotactic Polystyrene added 11/21/2023
UserPic Bangchak Sriracha Renaming of Esso Thailand to bsrc 11/20/2023
UserPic Bangchak Corporation Bangchak Bio-Based Portfolio 11/20/2023
UserPic Phra Kanong Refinery created and MB initialized 11/20/2023
UserPic Sriracha Refinery Company assigned to Bangchak 11/20/2023
UserPic Bangchak Corporation Integrated Energy Company created 11/20/2023
UserPic Generic Condensate Splitter Generic Condensate Splitter Technology added 11/12/2023
UserPic Condensate Splitter Condensate Splitter created 11/12/2023
UserPic Crude Atmospheric Distillation Crude Atmospheric Distillation updated 11/11/2023
UserPic Crude Oil Crude Oil Product Description updated 11/11/2023
UserPic Eni SpA Eni and Saipem: agreement to develop new biorefineries 11/11/2023
UserPic Lon Son Petrochem Mass Balance initialized 11/11/2023
UserPic Long Son Petrochem Vietnam Petrochems producer 11/11/2023
UserPic Polymer Site MB Initialized 11/11/2023
UserPic Map Ta Phut Olefins Olefins company set up and initialized MB 11/11/2023
UserPic Rayong Mass Balance initialized 11/11/2023
UserPic Citroniq Zero Carbon Manufacturer 11/9/2023
UserPic Topolobampo Thyssenkrupp Uhde providing technology for Mexico plant 11/9/2023
UserPic Ludwigshafen Steam Cracker with Renewable Technology. Update from Linde 11/7/2023
UserPic Quantafuel PtL Quantafuel Pyrolysis to Liquids Process description updated 11/6/2023
UserPic Plastics PyOil PyOil updated and enhanced. 11/5/2023
UserPic Plastics Pyrolysis Plastic Waste Pyrolysis Process Description updated 11/5/2023
UserPic SYNOVA NL SYNOVA Technology company in cooperation with SABIC and Technip 11/4/2023
UserPic LyondellBasell New brand identity 11/4/2023
UserPic Cherry Point BP Refinery investing into lower carbon fuels 11/4/2023
UserPic Haldia Haldia Selects Multiple Lummus Technologies for Propylene, Cumene and Phenol Plant 11/1/2023
UserPic Satorp SATORP completes MENA region’s first conversion of used cooking oil into SAF 11/1/2023
UserPic Reformate Reformate description updated 10/28/2023
UserPic BASF TOTAL JV Shareholding structure created 10/27/2023
UserPic Renew ELP Mass balance finalized 10/27/2023
UserPic Renew ELP Renew ELP Mass Balance initiated 10/27/2023
UserPic Renew ELP MURA Technology' Renew ELP Production Site created 10/27/2023
UserPic MURA HydroPRS Mura’s Hydro PRS in Teeside expected to deliver 1st hydrocarbon products in early 2024 10/27/2023
UserPic Tokuyama Complex Mass Balance initialized 10/27/2023
UserPic Mizushima Cracker Ethylene capacity created 10/26/2023
UserPic Asahi Kasei Corp Asahi Kasei Group 10/26/2023
UserPic Mitsubishi CG Mitsubishi Chemical Group 10/26/2023
UserPic Golden Triangle Project Update Video 10/26/2023
UserPic BASF TOTAL JV BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals LLC 10/26/2023
UserPic Borealis Borstar PE Borstar PE Technology added 10/22/2023
UserPic LBI La Porte LyondellBasell LaPorte Complex Mass Balance initiated 10/15/2023
UserPic lyondellbasell Hyperzone PE Hyperzone PE added 10/15/2023
UserPic Hybrid Ethylene Polymerisation Technology Hybrid Ethylene Polymerization Technology Type created 10/15/2023
UserPic High-Pressure Polymerization of Ethylene HP Ethylene Polymerization Process description improved 10/15/2023
UserPic S-Oil Shaheen Aramco affiliate S-OIL to build one of the world’s largest petrochemical crackers in South Korea 10/15/2023
UserPic Baystar Pasadena Borealis, TotalEnergies start up Baystar polyethylene unit 10/14/2023
UserPic Shandong Yulong Setup Yulong Petrochemical Project 10/12/2023
UserPic Shandong Yulong Saudi Aramco acquiring minority stake in Shangdong 10/12/2023
UserPic Sharjah NOC Sharjah NOC 10/12/2023
UserPic ZRCC Sinopec selects Lummus as technology for PP Plant 10/12/2023
UserPic RLPP CPChem, QatarEnergy finalize financing on Ras Laffan, Qatar, petrochemicals project 10/12/2023
UserPic Chemicals Plant Ethylene capacity created 10/9/2023
UserPic Singapore Refinery Refinery created and MB initialized 10/9/2023
UserPic RLPP Project Stage 10/9/2023
UserPic Satorp Amiral Mass Balance initialized 10/9/2023
UserPic Hengli Dalian Mass Balance initialized 10/9/2023
UserPic S-Oil Shaheen Initialized Mass Balance 10/9/2023
UserPic ZEON GBP ZEON GBP Butadiene Extraction updated 10/8/2023
UserPic BASF NMP Process BASF NMP Process for Butadiene Extraction updated 10/8/2023
UserPic Mixed C4 Mixed C4 product description updated 10/8/2023
UserPic lyondellbasell Spherilene Spherilene Gas Phase Polyethylene Technology added 10/8/2023
UserPic Ethyl Acrylate New Bio-based Octyl-Acrylate 10/8/2023
UserPic Sepahan Oil Iranian Base Oils company 10/7/2023
UserPic SA Base Oil Luberef Luberef IPO Document 10/7/2023
UserPic Oman Oil Fuels and Lubricants company 10/6/2023
UserPic Baytown Complex Exxon announces 2 new LAO Units 10/3/2023
UserPic Chatterjee Group Setup US based investment company 10/2/2023
UserPic ASK Chemicals Setup ASK Chemicals 10/2/2023
UserPic Haldia Set up the Mass Balance for the Plant 10/2/2023
UserPic Post-Industrial Plastic PIP, Post-Industrial Plastics, added 10/2/2023
UserPic HPL West Bengal Petchems Producer 10/2/2023
UserPic Post-Consumer Plastic PCP, Post-Consumer Plastics, added 10/2/2023
UserPic Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic PCR, Post-Consumer Recycled Plastics, added 10/2/2023
UserPic Post-Industrial Recycled Plastic PIR, Post-Industrial Recycled Plastics, added 10/2/2023
UserPic Rhone Group Investment Company created 10/2/2023
UserPic Qatar Energy QatarEnergy announces 10-year Naphtha supply agreement with Marubeni Corporation 9/29/2023
UserPic MidOcean Energy Saudi Aramco acquiring minority stake 9/29/2023
UserPic MidOcean Energy EIG subsidiary created 9/29/2023
UserPic Aramco Oil Pipelines Aramco Midstream Company created 9/29/2023
UserPic EIG Pearl Holdings Intermediate Holding company for Pipeline JV 9/29/2023
UserPic EIG Partners Setup Energy Investor company 9/29/2023
UserPic Gebesy, Emad Lump Kinetic Modeling for Refinery Reactions using HYSYS Refinery and Aspen Custom Modeler 9/29/2023
UserPic Eastman Texas City INEOS announces the acquisition of the Eastman Texas City Site for ~$500 million 9/28/2023
UserPic Eastman Texas City Mass Balance initialized 9/28/2023
UserPic Topolobampo New Ammonia Project 9/18/2023
UserPic Total Decarbonizing Refining: TotalEnergies Launches a Call for Tenders 9/18/2023
UserPic Kerbala Refinery Kerbala Refinery 9/18/2023
UserPic Poly-3-hydrobutyrate Biosourced and biodegradable Poly-3-hydroxybutyrate added 9/17/2023
UserPic Pure Starch Starch added 9/17/2023
UserPic Poly-D,L-Lactic Acid Biobased & Biodegradable PLA added 9/17/2023
UserPic Lactic Acid Lactic Acid (Racemic, D- and L-Enantiomers) added 9/16/2023
UserPic Polybutylene Adipate Terephthalate Biodegradable PBAT added 9/16/2023
UserPic Adipic Acid Adipic Acid added 9/16/2023
UserPic 1,4-Butanediol Butane-1,4-diol added 9/16/2023
UserPic Nature Energy Bio-Feedstock for Shell Refinery 9/14/2023
UserPic EUROTECNICA Italian Technology Company created 9/12/2023
UserPic Xin Lian Xin XinLian Entity created 9/12/2023
UserPic EPS EPS Shareholding 9/11/2023
UserPic LFA Förderbank Bavarian Investment Bank modelled 9/11/2023
UserPic Covestro Covestro in discussions with Adnoc 9/11/2023
UserPic Ebara Ube Process RESONAC Plastic Gasification Plant added 9/9/2023
UserPic Ebara Ube Process EUP Plastic Gasification Process created 9/9/2023
UserPic da Silva, MBA, Author, Dr. Marcio Wagner Diolefins Content in the FCC Naphtha and their Impact over the Lifecycle of Hydrotreating Reactors 9/9/2023
UserPic UBE UBE Corporation added 9/9/2023
UserPic EEP EBARA Environmental Plant added 9/9/2023
UserPic Resonac Corp. Resonac Corp., formerly Showa Denko, added 9/9/2023
UserPic Basell Wesseling Ethylene Capacities of LyondellBasell in Wesseling 9/8/2023
UserPic Plastics Gasification Waste Plastic Gasification added 9/8/2023
UserPic Basell Wesseling LYB Wesseling Image brochure 9/7/2023
UserPic da Silva, MBA, Author, Dr. Marcio Wagner Leveraging the Refining Margins – Closer Integration between Refining and Petrochemical Assets 9/6/2023
UserPic EPS Ethylene Pipeline Operator 9/6/2023
UserPic Basell Germany Hold. Basell Holding Company created 9/6/2023
UserPic Basell Münchsmünster Mass Balance initialized 9/6/2023
UserPic Basell Brindisi LyondellBasell to close one of two production units in Brindisi 9/6/2023
UserPic Basell Poliolefine LyondellBasell Italy 9/6/2023
UserPic SABIC PIF acquiring from SABIC their steel investment 9/4/2023
UserPic Plastics Pyrolysis Plastic Waste Pyrolysis Process Description largely enhanced 9/3/2023
UserPic Lousiana Int. PE LYB and Sasol JV created 9/3/2023
UserPic Ethylene Ethylene Capacities in Europe 9/3/2023
UserPic Braskem Cubatao Initialized Mass Balance 9/1/2023
UserPic Baytown Complex Cooperation between Exxon and Honeywell UOP 9/1/2023
UserPic Liquified Natural Gas The EU is set to import record volumes of LNG from Russia this year 8/31/2023
UserPic Nutrien 'World's largest' blue hydrogen-based ammonia project shelved 8/27/2023
UserPic Nutrien Nutrien created 8/27/2023
UserPic Mahler AGS Mahler Advanced Gas Systems created 8/27/2023
UserPic Kokel, Nicolas Pick your production facility to be modelled 8/26/2023
UserPic BioRefinery Leuna Status Update 8/25/2023
UserPic Duqm Refinery Progress Report - Startup phase completed 8/25/2023
UserPic Shell Singapore SEPC Shell taps Goldman Sachs to explore Singapore refinery sale 8/24/2023
UserPic Braun, Uwe Hydrogen Module 8/24/2023
UserPic Crude Oil World oil demand is scaling record highs says IEA, exactly as per our forecast 8/23/2023
UserPic Saudi Aramco China Daily: Saudi Aramco continued interest to invest into China 8/22/2023
UserPic Braun, Uwe Mass Balancing the key to EU Circular Economy Objective 8/22/2023
UserPic Grupa Azoty thyssenkrupp Uhde selected by Grupa Azoty for new ammonium nitrate neutralization plant 8/22/2023
UserPic SABIC SABIC launches pilot blockchain project to advance emissions tracking 8/22/2023
UserPic GPC Gulf Petrochemical (Iran) has been added 8/21/2023
UserPic NATPET Saudi PP Producer 8/21/2023
UserPic Alujain Corp Saudi Investment Company 8/21/2023
UserPic NIOC NIOC has been added 8/20/2023
UserPic Tullow PLC Performance comparison 8/19/2023
UserPic Tullow PLC African Upstream Oil company (UK based) 8/19/2023
UserPic Covestro ADNOC's bid not yet off the table 8/18/2023
UserPic SET Thailand Stockexchange 8/17/2023
UserPic SCGC Chemicals Major Thai Petrochems company 8/17/2023
UserPic Crown Property Offic Thai Sovereign Fund 8/17/2023
UserPic SCG Thai investor 8/17/2023
UserPic Braskem Siam Braskem and SCG Chemicals JV in bio-based Ethylene project 8/17/2023
UserPic Ciwandan Mass Balance for Petrochem company in Indonesia 8/17/2023
UserPic Ineos Project One Antwerp Harbour and Ineos Project One 8/16/2023
UserPic Dionne, Jean-François Corrosion 8/10/2023
UserPic Braun, Uwe Communicator News 8/9/2023
UserPic Kwinana Refinery From Refinery to Energy Hub 8/8/2023
UserPic Ludwigshafen Linde: Electric Steamcracking Technology 8/7/2023
UserPic LANXESS AG Head of Lanxess warns : „The de-industrialization is beginning“ 8/6/2023
UserPic Braun, Uwe ppPLUS Communicator 2.0 8/4/2023
UserPic Crude Atmospheric Distillation TechnologyType Communicator introduced 8/4/2023
UserPic Tianjin (TPCC) Ineos confirmed JV with Sinopec 8/2/2023
UserPic LyondellBasell LYB Databook 2021 8/1/2023
UserPic Ineos Project One Project One Permit rejection - The political angle to it. 7/31/2023
UserPic Ineos Project One Ineos CEO Jim Ratcliffe: 'Does Europe still want a chemical sector?' 7/29/2023
UserPic Saudi Aramco Pakistan Secures Aramco Partnership Deal for $10B Refinery 7/29/2023
UserPic Panipat Refinery New Polybutadiene Project 7/28/2023
UserPic PIF PIF and Oman Investment Authority Sign a MoU To Expand Investment in Oman 7/28/2023
UserPic Rongsheng Petrochem. Aramco completes $3.4bn purchase of Rongsheng Petrochemical stake 7/26/2023
UserPic Chase Corporation KKR acquiring all shares of Chase 7/26/2023
UserPic Saudi Aramco Aramco completes $3.4bn purchase of Rongsheng Petrochemical stake 7/23/2023
UserPic Mosmorran/Fife Site brochure with technical details 7/22/2023
UserPic Mosmorran/Fife Fife Cracker Details 7/22/2023
UserPic Ineos Project One Nullification of INEOS project permit is an economic disaster scenario 7/22/2023
UserPic CRV Industrial Ethanol Producer in Brazil set up. 7/21/2023
UserPic Ineos Project One Environmental Permit rejected by Antwerp Authorities 7/21/2023
UserPic Lekki Dangote Control Room 7/17/2023
UserPic Grupa Azoty Interesting cooperation for development of Micro-Modular Reactor with Hyundai 7/14/2023
UserPic Plastic Energy TAC Strategic partnership: Siemer, Landbell, SABIC and Plastic Energy promote closed plastic cycle 7/14/2023
UserPic Guangxi Petrochem LyondellBasell differentiated Polyethylene (PE) technology selected for PetroChina Guangxi complex 7/14/2023
UserPic Renato Test Renato 7/12/2023
UserPic Atalant European Distributor created 7/12/2023
UserPic PRL Update on Pakistan Refinery status 7/11/2023
UserPic Stenungsund Borealis completes upgrade of furnaces at Stenungsund cracker 7/11/2023
UserPic SIBUR Tobolsk SIBUR Produces Russia’s First Coloured Grades of Polyethylene for Pipe Applications 7/11/2023
UserPic AGROFERT Set up Czech Agro Chemicals group 7/7/2023
UserPic Naphtachimie Ineos announces full acquisition of JV 7/6/2023
UserPic Naphtachimie Created high level Mass Balance 7/6/2023
UserPic Ineos Lavera Ineos Tolling Company 7/6/2023
UserPic GCC MTO Uzbekistan MTO Project 7/4/2023
UserPic TER Plastics Created following Distribution Announcement of Grupa Azoty 7/4/2023
UserPic Kuqa (Hydrogen) Sinopec's first green hydrogen 6/30/2023
UserPic Temasek Temasek Holdings 6/30/2023
UserPic Topsoe Announcing JV with Sasol 6/30/2023
UserPic La Mède New major investment by TotalEnergies in the La Mède biorefinery in 2024 6/29/2023
UserPic Plastic Energy UK NOVA Chemicals And Plastic Energy Launch Feasibility Study On Advance