Strategic partnership: Siemer, Landbell, SABIC and Plastic Energy promote closed plastic cycle

Plastic Energy TAC
Kokel, Nicolas
7/14/2023 4:03 PM

Innovative facility recovers 60 percent of sorting residue for recycling

Siemer's unique processing plant in Vechta ../.. sorts the fraction of packaging waste classified as inferior and prepares it for chemical recycling. It is one of the first sorting systems that can separate dirt, foreign matter and impurities from the remaining plastic parts. Their input capacity is 25,000 tons per year. The post-processed waste plastic is delivered to Geleen, where it is oiled using Plastic Energy's advanced recycling technology. SABIC refines this pyrolysis oil, called TACOILTM, in a newly built hydrotreater plant in order to then use it as an alternative raw material for the production of the certified polymers in the TRUECIRCLETM product portfolio.

A. Siemer Entsorgungs GmbH

Braun, Uwe
7/21/2023 3:34 PM

I liked for demonstration purposes your entry.