ppPLUS Communicator 2.0

Braun, Uwe
8/4/2023 3:39 PM

The latest updates concentrated mostly on the additional functionality around the Communicator. The new functionality has expanded the capabilities of the Communicator to facilitate discussions and can integrate images and documents. All Communicator entries are linked to objects, like Corporations, Entities, Products and more, called the Object-Communicator (OC). Additionally ppPLUS has the Article-Communicator (AC), which allows to add texts without linking to an object. The AC has different features and is not available to every user-level.

This (AC) paper describes the functionality of the different Communicator Types and how they can best be utilized.

Type Object Communicator (OC) Article Communicator (AC)
Application Description, Comments linked to objects Free format reports, white papers etc...
Access  Registered Users Modeller and Expert Level
Max size 2000 characters (including HTML code) Unlimited
Drafting Not possible Articles can be saved as a Draft for further editing or for removal from the active display
Editing  In Popup In Fullscreen View with additional formatting elements (Full HTML editing)
Deletion Not possible
(under review)
Non commented Articles can be deleted
Commenting and Replies Yes Yes
User Mention (@) Yes Not in main Article, but in Comments and Reply
Hashtags (#) Hashtag proposal  No Hashtag proposal in main Article
(planned to be implemented)
Reactions (Up/Down) Yes Yes
Images Only from Media Container
Automatic formatting of image-size.
From Media Container and also other images can be linked, but is not recommended. The image-size can be adjusted.
Visibility In each Object-View, Homepage and Message View. In the Partner-View and Homepage.

Objects for the OC-Communicator

  • Corporation
  • Entities
  • Sites
  • Product (Sub-Product and for Main-Product via the Default-Sub-Product)
  • Technology
  • Technology-Types

Discussion functionality

Both types allow commenting and replies. The main Message (or Article), created by the Author can be commented by a Commenter and each comment can be replied to by a "Replyer" .

The OC may work better for discussions, as the main message is shorter and makes the comments/replies easier visible. To alert other users of the discussion, they can be @-mentioned. See also below Notification.


Hashtags can be used anywhere in the OC and AC and are useful for the search.

The OC also shows a #-tag proposal list. Users can request to add more #-tags for inclusion in the proposal list.

Images and other objects 

AC and OC allow to incorporate images. For both types, it is recommended to first upload the objects (Image or Document) into the Media Container. The OC will only recognize image-links from the Media Container, which can be directly copied into the Message-Body. The AC allows formatting of the image.


The author or mentioned users will receive notifications in their Notification-Board:

  • Author
    • Will be notified for each comment added
  • Commenter
    • Will be notified for each reply added

All users will be notified, if they are mentioned (@), even if they are Author or Commenter or the user entering the @mention. (This is under review).

All users will be notified of reations (Up/Down).

Editing a Message, Comment or Reply with @-mentions will NOT create a Notification or send an Email to Users already mentioned. Only newly added @-Users will initiate the Notification process.

Message Management

All messages OC and AC are visible in the Communicator Table on the hompage. The search-function allows a search on all OC-Contents. For AC this functionality will be shortly implemented. All OC messages are visible in the Message Board. Articles with the status "Draft" are only visible in the Expert-Panel.


Braun, Uwe
8/5/2023 12:17 PM

Dear Hamed,

please find here a quick summary on our Communicator Tool, how we can easily collaborate in ppPLUS. Also the Video on the Homepage gives you a quick introduction.

Khaef, Hamed 

Braun, Uwe
8/4/2023 4:47 PM

I have written a summary of the new Communicator Functionalities and compare the 2 different types of Communicator:

Object Communicator and Article Communicator.

This is a core functionality of ppPLUS and I am looking forward to exchanges how we can improve it for best user-experiences.

Kokel, Nicolas Braun (Developer), Rainer (Dev) Kansy, Thorsten Dionne, Jean-François Avila Goncalves, Renato Hussain, Nasir Yahia, Ihab Taylor , Scott MINKS, Klaas DeArmitt - PhD, FRSC, FIMMM, Chris da Silva, MBA, Author, Dr. Marcio Wagner Russell, Alan