30 production assets added as placeholders

Ineos Koeln
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Kokel, Nicolas
5/2/2024 2:47 PM

All 30 assets of INEOS Manufacturing in Germany have been added to the Cologne site as place holders. The site is impressive as it has very old assets, many of which have been modified or their capacity expanded multiple times. The oldest assets in existence are the Glycol Plant 1 and the Propylene Oxide plant, that both started up in 1959, 65 years ago. To complete the site modeling, it is now required to identify the technologies and production capacities of these various assets. 

Kokel, Nicolas
5/2/2024 4:11 PM

At least one of the PE Plants is based on Innovene G technology, according to:

"We take advantage of our proprietary process technologies, such as at Lillo (Innovene S), at Geel (Innovene P) and at Köln (Innovene G)" mentioned in the INEOS GROUP HOLDING S.A. 2017 ANNUAL REPORT.