Tianjin (TPCC)
Refining and Chemicals Operations
Beiweidi Road (West)
TPCC consists of 23 oil refining units, 24 chemical production units and 3 chemical fiber units. It is currently the largest ethylene production base in China and the largest oil refiner in North China, with primary crude oil processing capacity of 15.5 million t/y, comprehensive processing capacity of 12.5 million t/y, and ethylene capacity of 1.2 million t/y (capacity of JV Company is included). It has the ability of producing PX 380 thousand t/y, PTA 340 thousand t/y and polyester 200 thousand t/y. The volume of crude oil storage is up to 270 thousand cubic meters. TPCC also owns associated utilities matching the major production units, with 400 thousand KW installed capacity of power supply and 100 thousand t/d water supply.
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