Mailiao Formosa Plastics Industrial Park
Refining and Chemicals Operations
Yunlin County
Mailiao Township, No. 1
In 1991, with blessings of both the local government and the residents, the project chose to settle down in the off-shore industrial zones in Yunlin County of Mailiao and Haifong, by way of reclamation, for building up an oil refinery plant with annual capacity of 25 million tons of crude oil, naphtha cracker plants for producing 2.94 million tons ethylene per annum, and other petrochemical plants, heavy machinery plants, a co-generation plant, and the Mailiao Industrial Harbor. In addition, in view of the serious power shortage in Taiwan, which impacts greatly on people’s lives as well as on businesses, a thermal power plant with a capacity of 3 million kilowatts was therefore planned; all of the generated power will be incorporated into the TPC power supply system, for assisting on the relief of the domestic power shortage. Total investment of 53 plants in the four phases of The Sixth Naphtha Cracker Project, including the industrial harbor and the power plant, was US$27.39 billion, and the project was completed and has already began production.
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