Inovyn Tavaux
Predominantly Chemicals Operations
/ Tavaux

The INOVYN plant in Tavaux is one of the largest in the INOVYN/INEOS Group in terms of size, workforce (780 employees) and the diversity of products manufactured there.

INOVYN France produces many chemicals (chlorine, MCV, caustic soda, chlorinated organics) and PVC at the Tavaux site. Equipped with a membrane electrolysis room, the company is located on a 200-hectare industrial platform from which INOVYN manufactures and ships more than 1 million tons of products per year, including 250,000 tons of PVC.

10,000 tonnes of low-carbon hydrogen are produced annually by INOVYN in Tavaux.

Source: Inovyn | INEOS Inovyn and HyMove aim to boost hydrogen-powered transport in Eastern France

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