Pusri II-B Factory
Refining and Chemicals Operations

The Pusri II-B Factory replaces the Pusri-II Factory, which is more than 40 years old. The Pusri II-B factory uses the KBR Purifier Technology technology for the ammonia plant and the ACES 21 technology owned by TOYO and Pusri as the co-licensor for the urea factory. Apart from being environmentally friendly, it also saves gas raw materials, with a ratio of gas usage per ton of product of 31.49 MMBTU/ton ammonia and 21.18 MMBTU/ton urea. When compared to the existing Pusri II Plant, which has a ratio of gas usage per tonne of the product of 49.24 MMBTU/ton ammonia and 36.05 MMBTU/ton urea, gas consumption will be reduced by 14.87 MMBTU per tonne of urea. The Pusri IIB factory has the largest capacity compared to other factories, with an ammonia plant capacity of 2,000 tons/day (660,000 tons/year) and a urea plant capacity of 2,750 tons/day (907,500 tons/year).

Source: Company Overview, Factory Profile, Pusri II-B, pusru.co.id

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