Shiraz Petrochemicals Complex
Refining and Chemicals Operations
KM 5 Doroodzan Road

Shiraz Petrochemical Company was founded with an initial investment of about 400 million US dollars in 1959, in 300-hectare land out of which 72 hectare is dedicated to infrastructures. The initial aim was to provide the fertilizer needs for the country. It now produces 1850000 tons/year of vast variety of chemicals and petrochemicals and is counted on as major petrochemical producer in the country. The major feed stock for the operating plants are natural gas, limestone and salt. The natural gas source is from the main cross-country pipeline, while the limestone and salt are extracted from the adjacent mines. Water needed for process as well as utilities purposes is routed from the nearby dam. With the total production capacity of 5500 ton/day of urea the Shiraz petrochemical company is striving to meet today's competing fertilizers and chemicals market place demand.

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