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Olefin processes
Propane, Butane & Pentane Dehydrogenation

Process Summary

K-PRO™ Propane Dehydrogenation offering combines the know-how of K-COT™ technology with a novel, non-precious metals and non-chromium containing, high selectivity dehydrogenation catalyst. The technology can be implemented as a stand-alone propylene production unit independent of a steam cracker or an FCC unit. 

K-PRO Technology Features

K-PRO is a novel FCC-based technology for propane dehydrogenation using a patented low-cost, high-performance catalyst, which claimed to offer the following advantages:

  • High propane conversion and highest selectivity towards propylene.
  • Produces polymer-grade propylene.
  • Low-cost and environmentally friendly catalyst (no Pt or Cr).
  • Low emissions: reduced NOx and CO2 emissions.
  • Minimal catalyst losses and catalyst make-up.
  • Simple reactor design leads to simple operation.
  • Reliable operation and high on-stream factors.

K-PRO Reactor Design

  • Heat Balance
    The PDH process is endothermic and as such, fuel must be continuously imported into the reaction system to maintain heat balance. KBR’s patented and commercially proven catalyst well along with a continuous fuel firing design is used in the catalyst regeneration section of the K-PRO reactor. The heat from the catalyst regeneration is directly transferred to the reaction section of the K-PRO reactor making the process very energy-efficient and stable.
  • Catalyst/Hydrocarbon Separation
    The combination of the highly efficient cyclones and KBR’s patented and commercially proven catalyst fines removal system removes catalyst fines that might carry over with the effluent cracked gas, thus achieving best possible catalyst/hydrocarbon separation.
  • Reaction Section
    The K-PRO converter uses a customized riser/reactor design optimized for the unique requirements of the PDH process.


KBR, Feb 2022, K-PRO™ KBR Propane Dehydrogenation (PDH)Technology for On-Purpose Propylene Production

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K-PRO™ Simplified Process Flow Diagram https://is.gd/hSfNM6
K-PRO™ Simplified Process Flow Diagram https://is.gd/hSfNM6
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