Uzbekistan MTO Project

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Braun, Uwe
7/4/2023 11:20 AM

Interesting Methanol to Olefins project in Uzbekistan.

Kokel, Nicolas website provides nice schema with the (numerous) Technology providers.

I modelled the Output-Production without assigning Technologies. They also may not all exist in the system yet.

Kokel, Nicolas
7/4/2023 2:47 PM

The interactive project overview graphic provides the following details:
- ASU: via cryogenic rectification (not named but likely Air Products)
- Methanol from syngas: Topsoe
- MTO unit: SINOPEC Technology (see Sinopec S-MTO in ppPLUS)
- PP Unit: Unipol PP from Grace (see Unipol PP in ppPLUS)
- LDPE and EVA: Versalis
- MEG: Scientific Design
- PET: Chemtex (Invista / UOP)

Kokel, Nicolas
7/4/2023 2:37 PM

In this other piece of news we have some technology provider names.

"Based on a decision of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the project has been designed in line with international norms and standards. The project is an example of global cooperation between local and foreign specialists using the latest achievements in the oil and gas sector. The list of companies working on the MTO GCC project includes John Wood Group Plc (UK), Topsoe (Denmark), Koch Industries Inc. (US), Chemtex Global Corp. (US), Scientific Design (US), Versalis (Italy), Sinopec (China) and Grace Catalysts Technologies (US)."

Some research would be required, but probably Versalis is providing LDPE/EVA HP ethylene polymerisation, Sinopec maybe the PP and HDPE technologies, and so on...

Kokel, Nicolas
7/4/2023 2:29 PM

Braun, Uwe Najafi, Mohsen  
According to this news article, there is an Hydrogen Unit and an ASU Unit, which technology may be from Air Products since an industrial gas processing agreement has been signed with Air Products. There is an AP's ASU described already. There is as well a Methanol unit for synthesis gas (syngas) production and its further conversion into methanol, which process is based on Topsoe technology, than we also have not modeled. There is no indication about PP, LDPE, EVA, PET and HDPE technologies; we have some 'generic' technologies in the system for the above. More investigations are required to understand the technology stack of the project.

Braun, Uwe
7/4/2023 11:27 AM

Najafi, Mohsen  

Dear Mohsen,

as a national of Uzbekistan, you may have further interesting information on the project?