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Polypropylene processes
Gas Phase Polymerization of Propylene

UNIPOL Polypropylene process technology is a Gas-Phase technology that is occurring in a Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR) system. Fresh Propylene Feedstock passes through a Heat Exchanger (Cooler) and it is sent to a Dryer before entering the Gas-Phase Polymerization Reactor. The Reactant Gas Stream is circulated through the Bed; goes to a Blower and then Cooled in an external Heat Exchanger to remove the Exothermic Reaction Heat. Also, Heat Removal is primarily done by Condensation of Propylene where 10-12% of Propylene fed into the Reactor is liquid. The Reactor System holds an expandable Vertical Pressure Vessel in the upper section that handle Polymer Particles and it is constructed of Carbon Steel and operates at 34.5 bar, 65°C. The FBR has a residence time of less than 1.5 hours and an extensive Back Mixing. The fresh liquid Polymer-Grade Propylene is combined with Recycled Gases and enters the Reactor Bottom. Gas Stream provides Fluidization of the Polymer inside the FBR. Titanium-supported catalyst, co-catalyst, hydrogen and an electron donor are added into the reactor to control molecular weight and selectivity.

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https://www.mogas.com/en-us/resources/media-centre/public/documents/pfds/pfd-polypropylene-gas-process Unipol PP Process Flow Diagram
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