Linde: Electric Steamcracking Technology

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Braun, Uwe
8/7/2023 2:56 PM

BASF, Linde and Sabic cooperating for low CO2 electric furnaces in the Steam cracker.

Steam crackers go electric

"The use of electricity for heating – ideally from renewable sources – has the potential to massively reduce CO2 emissions. But can this concept be transferred to the petrochemical industry? BASF, SABIC and Linde certainly believe so. They are working on a joint e-furnace project with the potential to cut CO2 emissions by more than 95 percent!"

It’s electrifying! Steam crackers go electric | Linde Engineering (linde-engineering.com)

Braun, Uwe
8/7/2023 3:04 PM

Kokel, Nicolas Is this a separate Technology or Technology Type, which we have/need to configure?


Kokel, Nicolas
8/7/2023 6:29 PM

Braun, Uwe
Technology-Type is Steam Cracking.
It is just another way of heating the cracker feedstock by means of electrical resistance instead of a fuel furnace.
Maybe it will remain Linde's Steam Cracking Technology but with different Units, unless the Technology Owner decides to give it a specific Tradename, in which case it will be another Technology.