Sustainable Aviation ✈ Fuel company Fulcrum Bioenergy collapses after burning $1 billion

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Plastics Gasification
Kokel, Nicolas
5/29/2024 8:21 PM

Fulcrum Bioenergy, launched in 2007, was aiming at converting Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into Sustainable Aviation Fuel at a facility near Reno, Nevada with a gasification process licensed from ThermoChem Recovery International (TRI).

Following successive delays since the initial start-up planned for 2010, operations effectively started only in May 2022. The plant produced only 350 gallon of fuels before multiple technical problems irremediably disrupted the plant operation.

After raising 1 billion US dollars, the company laid off nearly all employees on May 17th and halted most operations. The company's  website is now off-line since last week.

Source: Bloomberg, Ben Elgin, 28th May 2024


Braun, Uwe
5/30/2024 7:17 AM


Lots of challenges still, to really establish a working technical and business model with Bio-Refineries