The Mass Balance

Plastic Granulate

  • Flexible Feedstock-Intake modelling down to product-grade (Crude Oil / Arab Medium) and possibilty to link to defined Import-Facility ("Port-Terminal").
  • The Imports into Refineries define their processing capacity ("Refining Capacity").

  • Detailed process-modelling with all intermediate Consumption- and Production steps.
  • The Process-Model (Plants and Equipments) can be copied from the Technology-Model.

  • ppPLUS allows to model simply the Production of Sales-Products (exp: Polyethylene).
  • Complete Mass Balances include Consumption of the Feedstock, or Intermediate Products (exp: Crude Oil -> Naphtha -> Ethylene).

Check out some of the Mass Balance examples

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Recycling Quantafuel Denmark
  • Application of Quantafuel's recycling technology
  • First commercial plant in Skive, Denmark
  • See also Details of Quantafuel Technology
Petrochemicals Sadara Saudi Arabia
  • Biggest Petrochemicals operation built in a single-phase
  • Mixed Feed Cracker with complex Plant- and Product-Structure
  • Model includes Technology and Site-Streams
Petrochemicals GCGV United States
  • Petrochemicals operation in startup.
  • Ethane based Olefins- and Polyolefins production
  • Detailed Mass Balance including various side-streams (Hexenes, Butenes)
Petrochemicals YNCC Korea
  • Petrochemicals joint-venture
  • Complex Olefins-production model. (Ethylene provided to downstream JV-Partners)
  • Mass Balance model directly linked to Technology-Provider (see Production)