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The Plastic Waste is heated without Oxygen so that the Polymers are decomposed and gasified into shorter chains of Hydrocarbons. According to WO 2020/008050 the desired Plastic Material is cleaned to a preferred level of Contamination of less than 1 or 2%, its water content is reduced to a level of less than 1%, and it preferably comprises HDPE, LDPE, PP and PS, whereas less desirable plastic types are PET, PVC and ABS. Pyrolysis results in a complex Oil that contains undesirable impurities if left untreated. As a first step, Quantafuel therefore purifies the Pyrolysis Gas by removing Ash and detrimental Impurities such as Chlorine and Sulphur. Part of Quantafuel’s technology is a Two-Stage Catalytic Process in the Gas Phase. The Gas is thereafter condensed and separated into sought-after Oil Fractions through Distillation.[1],[2]

In the company's 4Q 2019 report (that has meanwhile be taken offline), QUANTAFUEL provides details about the PtL Process as shown in Fig. 1.[3] 

Pyrolysis yields are about:

  • 10% permanent Gases and four different Products
  • 10% of an Ash fraction (70 wt-% Carbon)
  • 80% of a liquid Fraction:
    • 16 wt-% light fraction (C6-C12)
    • 56% diesel fraction (C11-C21)
    • 8% heavy fraction (C20-C28)

Figure 1 - Quantafuel conversion of Mixed Polyolefin Waste catalytic PtL Process.[3]

In a subsequent communication[4], Quantafuel reports about an overall Oil yield of 68% instead of the 80% claimed in the Q4 2019 report.


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QUANTAFUEL Catalytic PtL Process, 4Q 2019 report (no longer available online)
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