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UserPic Petrobazi Refinery OMV Petrom to become major sustainable fuels producer 6/12/2024
UserPic Meet the Experts ppPLUS Solutions - Join us 6/5/2024
UserPic Schwechat Refinery New Bio Processing Plant 6/11/2024
UserPic “Big Oil” companies face mounting legal challenges from climate-obsessed groups 5/29/2024
UserPic BASF BASF acquiring wind farms from Vattenfall 4/22/2024
UserPic ENGIE Engie scraps H2Sines.Rdam aimed to ship liquid hydrogen from Portugal to The Netherlands 4/19/2024
UserPic Shell 🇬🇧 Shell to Revise Green Energy Targets Downward 3/14/2024
UserPic BP p.l.c 🇬🇧 BP's Return to Hydrocarbons: A Strategy Shift 3/3/2024
UserPic Bayport Total BASF BASF TotalEnergies’ Petrochemicals Earns International Sustainability and Carbon Certification 2/2/2024
UserPic BP p.l.c Challenges in US Wind Energy Sector: Equinor and BP Face Profitability Concerns 2/2/2024
UserPic LanzaJet LanzaJet opening of their production Facility 1/29/2024
UserPic Yasref Refinery Sustainability Project 1/16/2024
UserPic Yasref Yasref is evaluating biofuels and plastic co-processing 1/16/2024
UserPic Fort Saskatchewan Technip Technology Provider for Project 12/21/2023
UserPic BASF BASF commits to targets for Scope 3.1 emissions 12/7/2023
UserPic Dormagen Covestro strengthens sustainability and competitiveness of TDI production 12/5/2023
UserPic Greenergy UK Greenergy UK Company 12/4/2023
UserPic Brookfield Partners Investor in Greennergy 12/4/2023
UserPic Fort Saskatchewan Description of the Cracker Net Zero Project 12/4/2023
UserPic Fawley ExxonMobil is now in the main construction phase of a new low-sulphur diesel facility 11/28/2023
UserPic Bangchak Corporation Bangchak Bio-Based Portfolio 11/20/2023
UserPic Eni SpA Eni and Saipem: agreement to develop new biorefineries 11/11/2023
UserPic Ludwigshafen Steam Cracker with Renewable Technology. Update from Linde 11/7/2023
UserPic SYNOVA NL SYNOVA Technology company in cooperation with SABIC and Technip 11/4/2023
UserPic Cherry Point BP Refinery investing into lower carbon fuels 11/4/2023
UserPic Satorp SATORP completes MENA region’s first conversion of used cooking oil into SAF 11/1/2023
UserPic Nutrien 'World's largest' blue hydrogen-based ammonia project shelved 8/27/2023
UserPic SABIC SABIC launches pilot blockchain project to advance emissions tracking 8/22/2023
UserPic Braskem Siam Braskem and SCG Chemicals JV in bio-based Ethylene project 8/17/2023
UserPic Plastic Energy UK NOVA Chemicals And Plastic Energy Launch Feasibility Study On Advanced Recycling Plant 6/28/2023
UserPic Neste Neste decides to invest in liquefied waste plastic upgrading unit at its Porvoo refinery 6/19/2023
UserPic INEOS Ineos Roadmap to CO2 Neutrality by 2050 3/14/2023
UserPic Sasol Climate Change Report 3/6/2023
Ineos Arom. Indon. test title 2/20/2023
UserPic Mcgyan Mcgyan Biodiesel, LLC created 2/12/2023
UserPic Kern Energy Kern Energy in California Chamber of Commerce Report 1/24/2023
UserPic Marathon EPA recognition for energy efficiency 12/6/2022
UserPic Sasol Italy Sasol Italy received Sustainability Award 10/20/2022
UserPic Varo Energy (CH) Varo launches One-Varo Transformation Strategy 7/5/2022
UserPic Kern Energy California Green 5/26/2022
UserPic Imperial Oil Sustainability Target 4/21/2022
UserPic Rosneft Rosneft Target to become carbon neutral by 2050 2/23/2022
OQ OQs Sustainability Report - 2030 Targets 5/5/2021
LG Chem Declaration of Carbon-neutral Growth 2050 5/5/2021
Lotte Chemical Sustainability Targets 5/5/2021
Repsol Net Zero Emissions by 2050 5/5/2021

Global Sites & Sustainability

Sustainability Indicators

Country Entity Site Feedstock Energy Process
Australia Logo missing BP Australia Kwinana Refinery Kwinana Refinery
Austria Logo missing OMV Downstream GmbH Schwechat Refinery
Belgium Logo missing Bioro NV Bioro
Canada Logo missing Braya Renewables Refinery Newfoundland Come by Chance
Canada Logo missing Dow Chemical Canada ULC Fort Saskatchewan
Canada Logo missing Imperial Oil Limited Strathcona Refinery
Denmark Logo missing Quantafuel ASA Skive Pyrolysis
France Logo missing TOTAL Energies S.E. Grandpuits
France Logo missing TOTAL Energies S.E. La Mède
Germany Logo missing UPM Biochemicals GmbH BioRefinery Leuna
Germany Logo missing Covestro AG Dormagen
Germany Logo missing BASF SE Ludwigshafen
Germany Logo missing Verbio Zörig (VEZ) Verbio Bioref VEZ
Germany Logo missing VERBIO Pinnow GmbH VERBIO Pinnow
Germany Logo missing VERBIO Schwedt GmbH (VES) VERBIO Schwedt VES
Italy Logo missing Eni SpA San Donato (Venice)
Japan Logo missing JEPLAN Kitakyushu
Japan Logo missing JEPLAN PET Refine
Romania Logo missing OMV Petrom S.A. Petrobazi Refinery
Saudi Arabia Logo missing Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company Ltd Yasref Refinery
Spain Logo missing Bio-Oils Energy S.A. Bio-Oils Huelva
Spain Logo missing BP Oil Espana Sau BP Castellon
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the) Logo missing ExxonMobil Chemical Ltd Fawley
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the) Logo missing Fulcrum Bioenergy, Ltd. Fulcrum North Point
United States of America (the) Logo missing Alterra Energy Alterra Akron
United States of America (the) Logo missing BASF TOTAL Petrochemicals LLC Bayport Total BASF
United States of America (the) Logo missing BP America Inc. Cherry Point
United States of America (the) Logo missing VERBIO North America Holdings Corp Nevada Biorefinery
United States of America (the) Logo missing Nexus Circular Nexus Atlanta
United States of America (the) Logo missing Phillips 66 Rodeo Refinery
United States of America (the) Logo missing American Greenfuels, LLC Shelton Refinery
United States of America (the) Logo missing VERBIO North America Holdings Corp Southbend


Companies and processes for a lower CO2 footprint

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Technologies for Bio-Manufacturing, Recycling and others for Eco-conscious manufacturing.

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